VIDEO Surgeon reveals what can’t be stuffed into Farrah Abraham’s backdoor


Arguably the biggest superstar of Farrah Abraham’s infamous Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom video just got a ringing endorsement!

During a recent appearance on The Doctors, Farrah Abraham sought out the professional opinion of plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon in regards to the possibility of getting butt implants. During her consultation Farrah asks, “What can we do to get our butt to where we want it to be?”

After careful inspection, Dr. Ordon decided that Farrah’s fanny was fantastically fabulous as is.

“You’ve always had a nice backside and I know that you do exercise to keep it in shape and my recommendation is you keep on doing what you’re doing and specifically come up with some exercises to target the upper part of the gluteal muscles,” he said.

Farrah was fine with the diagnosis. Orden added that in order to do a Brazilian butt lift he would prefer using fat from somewhere else on the patient’s body and that Abraham just didn’t have it to “put there.”

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