Axeman II Overkill photos with Farrah Abraham, Rachel Reilly, plus release date update

Farrah Abraham Axeman II Overkill Fannie Rae and Jim Ed Baker

We broke the news last July that Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham was cast in her first motion picture (that one doesn’t count) as the Bible-thumping Fannie Rae Baker in the slasher sequel Axeman II: Overkill. The fine folks over at #SinningWorks and Blood Red Films have sent us a brand new batch of stills from the movie, including my new favorite Farrah Abraham photo (with her on-screen husband Jim Ed Baker, played by Allen Merritt – above), and a wonderfully fun and super-creepy shot of Big Brother and Amazing Race star Rachel Reilly as the clown-masked, machine gun-toting Breaker!

Axeman II Overkill Rachel Reilly BREAKER

From the press release:

Monday, April 13, 2015 – #SinningWorks in association with Blood Red Films, the production companies behind AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL, the next installment in 80’s throwback slasher franchise, have released the second round of official film stills for the sequel that promises to deliver in a new chapter in the Axeman At Cutter’s Creek saga with the goal of making it darker, grittier and bloodier than the original.

The cast includes actors Farrah Abraham (MTV’s Teen Mom), Bryan Clark (WWE’s Adam Bomb) in the iconic villain role of Bill “The Axeman” Talbert, as well as rising stars of film/tv including Rachel Reilly (CBS’ Big Brother winner), Angelica Bridges (Baywatch, Bold and The Beautiful), Alisha Seaton (The Fourth Kind) and many more! The gory new installment is written and directed by Joston “El Rey” Theney.

In addition to the still above, there is also another featuring Farrah, “in what is sure to be an iconic role in the horror genre.” Titled “Crazy Christians”, this photo features Farrah’s co-stars (from left to right) Edward Gusts, Alisha Seaton, Arielle Hader and Allen Merritt. Click to enlarge:

Axeman II Overkill Edward Gusts, Alisha Seaton, Arielle Hader Farrah Abraham and Allen Merritt

And here is another photo of Rachel Reilly as Breaker, described as “a machine gun-toting, double-crossing mercenary on the hunt for the bags of cash abandoned in the first installment of the Axeman franchise:”

Rachel Reilly as BREAKER in the slasher horror movie Axeman II: Overkill

Axeman II: Overkill was originally scheduled for a Friday, March 13 release date, but that has reportedly been pushed back due to interest from a studio. The press release states “Axeman II: Overkill will receive a limited theatrical release in 2015, release date and locations TBA.”

Stay tuned!

UPDATE – The latest is that Axeman II: Overkill will be released in the third quarter of 2016 with the first trailer set to drop in February.

Axeman II Overkill Fannie Rae Baker and Jim Ed Baker Farrah Abraham and Allen Merritt

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