VIDEO MythBusters accidentally fire cannonball through neighborhood

The MythBusters, lead by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage are still doing there entertaining experiments but one went horribly awry as a cannonball flew past its target and into a California neighborhood. D’oh!

First off I would like to state that no one received the “Buster” treatment as no injuries were reported from this crazy situation in Dublin, CA, the quiet neighborhood on the wrong end of this runaway projectile.

According to Sgt. JD Nelson from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department the MythBusters were trying to figure out how effective a cannon would be at firing objects other than cannonballs but they first had to test, like the usually good scientists they are, how said cannon would perform with the actual big round ammo intended.

Here is a pretty hilarious local news report courtesy of ABC 7 News:

That is an insane path this wayward cannonball traveled. I just bet Jamie and Adam will be amazed at the strangeness that ensued. Here is how it was explained by the reporter:

“A cannonball was fired from the cannon range at Camp Parks. It soared 700 yards into a house, bounced across a road, onto a roof and into a minivan.”

In fact, this was the third cannonball fired that day and it actually whizzed by a sleeping couple in the first house it struck! The minivan it ram-shackled was parked only minutes previously by its owner.  Folks from the neighborhood are used to experiments and explosions from the show because they do much of their testing from Camp Parks but I don’t think they’ll ever be used to huge projectiles hurtling through their hood at 1,000ft/s!

I hope the MythBuster’s insurance agent was feelin’ like a good neighbor because this one’s gonna take a while to sort out. In addition I have my fingers crossed that the show’s producer’s are able to get the rights to air this because I want to see the reaction of Jamey and Adam as the cannonball blasts through the concrete wall they had erected and goes zooming over the hill.

Take us away The Beggars with Van Morrison’s classic “(Straight to your Heart) Like a Cannonball.”

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