VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 S2 E1 After Show and bonus footage

Jenelle Evans kisses Kieffer Delp

Last night our girls from Teen Mom 2 got things started for another season on the roller coaster ride of being a young mother. Each Wednesday following the show we like to do a quick break down of the After Show and include the bonus footage that MTV provides. Leah, Jenelle, Kailyn and Chelsea filmed the interviews after the season was over and they usually provide some interesting added insights on what they think of what happened during each episode.

Su Chin Pak hosts the sit downs and they are joined by an audience of young mothers who share their similar experiences as well. Allrighty then, let’s get to the premiere episode of Season 2. First up is the full After Show which will be followed by some brief summaregery:


Of course we have to start with Jenelle and her secretive rendezvous with Kieffer Delp. She was asked why she wasn’t just straight up with her mom Barbara and Jenelle stated that she knew Barbara would keep her from seeing her son Jace if she found out and that as long as she didn’t bring Jace around Kieffer there shouldn’t be a problem. Jenelle then explained that she understood why her mom didn’t like the total #Delper. These reasons included the fact that he didn’t have a job, he doesn’t have his life together and he wasn’t making an effort to correct either. I think she forgot to mention his multiple arrests and homelessness.

Next up were Jenelle’s friends and their problems with Kieffer (I see a pattern forming). Jenelle explained that Kieffer always gets upset when she hangs with her friends without him and that her friends aren’t big fans of the way he treats her. Pak then asked the big question as to why Jenelle is continually drawn to Delp. She answered by stating that he shows her love and makes her happy and that she forgets the bad times and only remembers the good times. Jenelle then explained that she believes parents shouldn’t get mad about who you date. Chelsea intervenes and talks about how she gets angry when her father gives her grief over her baby-daddy Adam Lind. She feels like she resents him for not understanding.

They talk about the huge fight and where all the anger comes from. Jenelle said that the anger has been in their family for years and that Barbara argues with everyone like that. To Jenelle that fight wasn’t a big deal, that it was just another argument. She realizes her faults of escalating the situation and that she could control her rage in hindsight. Jenelle said it was hard to tell if Jace is effected by these massive fights that happen right in front of him. Jenelle did state that she doesn’t want Jace filled with the same anger she feels.


Leah starts off discussing Corey’s jealousy in regards to her returning to work. Pak asked her if she thought it stemmed from her situation with Robbie Kidd and Leah was terse in stating that she wasn’t sure. Leah explained that the reason she wanted to return to work is the reason most of us do, for money. She stated that Corey has a good job but that she wanted to do her part to help out financially. Leah added that it felt good to be around other women at her job because before she spent the majority of her time at home with the twins. Leah explained that she’s hard on herself and feels guilty when she leaves her baby girls to socialize.


Kailyn started by explaining how she and her baby-daddy Joe Rivera run hot and cold and how when the season begins and they’re on good terms it’s just a part of their natural ebb and flow. She summed it up as a love-hate relationship. Kailyn explained that she always expects the worst so she’s prepared and that Joe calls her out on that world view. She added that her relationship with her mom is the same.

Kailyn stated that her boyfriend Jordan and Isaac love each other but that she still sees the possibility of Joe being back with her as a family. She’s asked how Joe feels about Jordan in Isaac’s life and Kailyn explains that Joe doesn’t care for it. She thinks that this might stem from how her mother bringing men in and out of her life negatively effected her and that Joe doesn’t want the same for his son.


Adam, Adam, Adam, Adam. Chelsea explained that she always gets butterflies when he comes around. She stated that he’s manipulative and that he’ll be nice and she’ll fall for it but that she just can’t help herself. She explained that she doesn’t want anyone else and that this up and down nature was the way it was between the two even before daughter Aubree. Chelsea believes that Adam is a nice person deep down and that she wants to believe the best in people.

Here is the bonus footage which features Jenelle and Kieffer on Halloween night discussing what might happen after Barbara tossed her out on the street: