VIDEO: Kris Jenner cries over not being able to “fix” son Rob Kardashian, Kim is over it

On tomorrow night’s episode of KUWTK the Kardashian-Jenner family is on vacation in Thailand sans Rob Kardashian Jr., and his absence, along with all the troubles he’s been going through lately, is taking it’s toll on his mom Kris Jenner. When she confides to daughter Kim Kardashian about her sadness and anxiety, Kim is not very sympathetic.

“It’s like she gets anxiety with the whole Rob situation when she’s away,” Kim complains about her mom being upset. “I just don’t see what the point is. She doesn’t need to help everyone.”

“I want to fix Rob,” Kris confides to Kim later. “I have not, not cried myself to sleep in so long that I don’t even know what that’s like.”

“God, remind me to never have like 50 kids,” Kim replies to her distraught mom. “Everyone has like such a huge, life-altering drama every single day of the week.”

“It’s the worst feeling in the world when one of your kids isn’t in a good place,” Kris explains in the middle of sobs. “You don’t think it’s torture for me to be here in Thailand and have him at home?”

Rob has complained in the past about how harsh Kim is towards him, and whenever worries are expressed about him by other family members on the show, Kim has zero sympathy whatsoever. Khloe, however, has gotten very close with Rob and they’ve been through a lot together during her marriage and split from Lamar Odom. Khloe pointed out in a previous episode that Kim is so cold about Rob’s situation because she has never been in, or been close with someone who’s going through such a rough time.

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