Teen Mom 2’s Leah Calvert has prescription drug meltdown

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Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert has a lot on her plate with raising three young children, her husband Jeremy spending a lot of time away from home for work, and dealing with Ali’s muscular dystrophy. She’s also studying to be a cosmetology, is a Mary Kay rep, and works at a tanning salon. On top of everything, ex Corey Simms’ insurance refused to cover Ali’s wheelchair, which she needs because she’s constantly complaining of leg pain. To help cope with all of the stress, Leah sought professional help and got prescribed some psychiatric pills, but in a new clip she struggles with the way the drugs make her feel.

On last week’s episode she expressed frustration over the insurance company not approving Ali’s wheelchair, and confided that she was “so distraught that I really feel like I need to go see my doctor because I’ve been having a lot of anxiety, a lot of depression and stuff.” When her friend pointed out that it was normal for her to feel stressed and have breakdowns, especially with Jeremy out of town a lot. “No one really understands. People think you’re f**king crazy, and you’re not. I just love them [her kids] so much.”

After she went to her doctor, though, she struggled with side effects from her prescription. “I’m about to start crying on you,” Leah tells Jeremy in a video clip. When he asks why, she explains, “When I first take that medicine, I feel calm, and I can do stuff. I took half this time instead of a full one, and now I feel really messed up.”

“And, maybe it’s just me thinking about it too much, but I’m about to start crying because I feel like I”m on drugs and I’ve never felt like that ever in my life. I feel like I’m slurring, and I just feel really weird and I’m freaking out.”

When Jeremy tells Leah to call her doctor, an emotional Leah counters that her doctor has told her body needs to adjust to the medicine. She tearfully explains that she doesn’t know what to do because the medicine helps her whens he first takes it, but it just makes her feel worse throughout the day.

“It’s starting to make me sad because I’m not that type of person,” she said. “I’ve never took anything like that, so I’m starting to feel like, ‘What’s wrong with me?’”

When Jeremy asks what he can do to help, she replies “Just be there for me. Be supportive. Talk to me. Be there when I need somebody to talk to.”

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