Video: ‘Friends’ alum Matt LeBlanc set to play himself on Showtime show ‘Episodes’

Jeremy McGrath Invitational Media Day

So no one told you life was gonna be this way, you disappear after Joey and then get a new show hey!  I think Matt LeBlanc was stuck in second gear but with a hip new Showtime gig this just might be his year.  With Courtney Cox hanging in Cougar Town and Matthew Perry set to star in ABC’s Mr. Sunshine it looks like it is Joey’s turn to get a little bit more of that Friends feeder glory.

Not only is he getting his own show but it will be on Showtime which is currently THE hip best-shows-going network out there.  So what is this new show Episodes going to be about.  Lets take a look at a clip (there is some adult language):

Wait a minute, if you’re like me you were prepared to dump on this but it looks pretty great doesn’t it?  Matt LeBlanc auditioning to play Matt LeBlanc in a Showtime show that is a recreation of a successful British show but gets ruined by being forced to have Matt LeBlanc on the show.  This is self deprecation on a Conan O’Brien level and really really funny.

Did you see the room full of Mat LeBlanc look-a-likes and Matt LeBlanc’s face!  The show is being written by Friends co-creator and his partner Jeffrey Klaric.  Episodes could be very very good.  Not only will it be on Showtime but it will also air on BBC TWO as a duel British-American comedy threat.  Hey how you doin?