VIDEO First promo for Cajun Pawn Stars with Jimmie DeRamus

Jimmie from Cajun Pawn Stars

The History Channel has been extremely mum about their Pawn Stars southern spin-off Cajun Pawn Stars. There is no official page for it yet on their website and it’s not even listed as one of the network’s programs even though it has a Jan. 8 premiere date.

I spent a great deal of time profiling the patriarch of Silver Dollar Pawn and Jewelry out of Alexandria, LA. Mr. Jimmie DeRamus. There’s no sure thing in reality TV but from what I could find out about Jimmie, his family and his 20,000sf store this will be about as close as you can get.

Pawn Stars is the highest rated show on the network with a devout following and it certainly looks like the southern variety of the show has that kind of potential. The only thing I’ve seen from the network thus far in the realm of promotion is the following brief clip:

The clip comes courtesy of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. They tagged their post with the following:

The first on-air Promo for History Channel’s NEW “Cajun Pawn Stars” filmed in Alexandria, Louisiana at the Silver Dollar Pawn Shop of Jimmie DeRamus. The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame is proud to be a contributor to this series in verifying and validating Louisiana music artifacts and sharing the history of many of Louisiana’s artists and our music with a national and worldwide audience. Thanks Left Field Productions, the History Channel and the DeRamus family!

Here’s a local clip from NBC 5’s “Jambalaya” that features an interview with Jimmie as he discusses the show that has been two-years in the making:

I love how Jimmie emphasizes that the show will be family friendly. He tells moms and dads out there that you don’t have to worry about what your kids see and hear when you’re getting up to grab a snack. He also points out that Cajun Pawn Stars airs after Sunday night church.

How’s that for southern hospitality?

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