VIDEO Farrah Abraham says MTV is ‘asking me to do a piece for the reunion,’ calls producers ‘spineless’

Farrah Abraham Maci Bookout Naked and Afraid reaction

It seems that Farrah’s days on Teen Mom OG may not be over! The 26-year-old was recently cornered by TMZ Farrahparazzi for another “on the street” interview in which she calls producers “spineless” for saying she was difficult to work with before then revealing that MTV has reached out to her about doing something for the Teen Mom OG Reunion.

“The producers on Teen Mom say that you are difficult to work with,” the cameraman says in the beginning of the clip, “and that was the reason you got pushed out. Do you think that they are just making up excuses?”

“I think that this is the most unprofessional…thing to say,” Farrah replies. “As well [as] making out that I ‘quit,’ when I still showed up for voice overs and many other things and work. And they’re still asking me to do a piece for the reunion. So, I don’t quit.”

Farrah is then interrupted by what I assume is someone on the street who recognized her and she responds before once again talking with the cameraman. “Yeah, I’m pretty easy going.”

“You’re pretty easy going?” asks the cameraman.

“Uh, I got a lot that I deal with everyday, and I like good people to work with me, and they just…weren’t the most trustworthy, honest, hard-working people like myself — and I’m just too nice for that.”

“You think it was a cop out?”

“They are a cop out,” Farrah affirms. “They have — they’re spineless.”


“Yeah. So, if I’m hard to work with, then they’re spineless.”

The last question is about Maci McKinney’s upcoming appearance on a celebrity edition of Naked and Afraid.

“Yeah, she’s naked and afraid — look at her now,” Farrah says.

“A little hypocritical, huh?”

“That’s what I worked with for so many years,” Farrah laments. “Thank god that time in my life is done.”

“It’s just typical huh?

Farrah sees the opportunity to speak out on the issue of sexual positivity, something she recently addressed at length in a cover story for ManyVids’ MV Mag. “Yeah, that’s society — the double standard. That’s what I fight against, and I want to improve the world and make it a better place.”

Then it’s back to MTV and the working conditions that were so terrible that Farrah filed a lawsuit against MTV’s parent company Viacom and the production companies responsible for Teen Mom OG looking for more than $5 million in damages. “It’s no place for my daughter to work around any more. So, I’m doing good! I wish them all the best being naked and afraid.”

Farrah had previously offered up her reaction to Maci’s Naked and Afraid announcement in a statement to The Ashley. “The irony of this is hilarious,” Farrah said. “Hopefully she has fun on her p0rnographic show; [it] sounds tragic.”

Hmmm… If they do have Farrah appear in some capacity at the reunion (I assume it would be a prerecorded segment), then I can already imagine a repeat of this scene between Maci and show executive producer Morgan Freeman:

Maci Bookout animated gif Farrah Abraham's return
Maci Bookout on Farrah Abraham returning to Teen Mom OG

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