TEEN MOM Mackenzie Mckee’s mom Angie Douthit gets great news in her battle with cancer

Angie Douthit and husband Brad Douthit

Teen Mom ? star Mackenzie McKee’s mom Angie Douthit had a doctor’s appointment on Thursday during which she received the results from her chemo and radiation treatments for her brain and lung cancer — and the news was extremely positive!

“It’s a good day,” her doctor revealed, “radiation and chemo are kicking this cancer’s butt!” The new scans indicated that Angie’s brain tumors are shrinking, and the large tumor in her lung went from 7cm to 2cm. The hundreds of other smaller tumors in her lungs were also showing signs that the treatment was working because many had disappeared or become cold and inactive.

Angie shared the good news on social media along with her usual Bible verse, this one being Proverbs 17:22: “A cheerful heart is good medicine.” She says that she and her husband Brad were a “bit nervous” when they arrived for the test results, but I’m sure that’s an understatement. “I had been so tired and exhausted lately,” she reveals, which I’m sure made it that much harder to be optimistic.

Now Angie will battle on, reinvigorated by the positive results. “I will continue on the chemo pill and will have more scans in April and May,” she says.

Angie then returned to the Bible and likened her story to that of Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego:

But, just like Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego, if they hadn’t gone through the fire with Jesus we wouldn’t be talking about them today. God could’ve easily stopped the king from throwing them in the fire, but the bigger the miracle, the bigger the testimony. Sometimes we go through trials so we can see how Great God is. And we won’t even smell like smoke in the end because Jesus us with us. Let God carry you through your difficulties so you can share your miracle with others. I know, like me, we all have a ways to go. But the joy I feel during this journey is amazing. I want you to have this joy during your daily walk too. Trust our loving God and be thankful for each day. Love more, trust him more, smile and hug more. Praise him for all the miracles in your life! Be happy and joyful to be alive! It’s a very good day! #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior

Congratulations to Angie and her friends and family! We continue to wish this kind warrior all the best, and we will continue to update her journey for our readers here. And, of course, we look forward to seeing it all unfold on MTV — even if it will most assuredly bring a river of tears from this viewer!

Speaking of Angie’s journey and tears, she and her family were in a different Miami this week (not their hometown of Miami, Oklahoma, but Miami, Florida) where Angie celebrated her 49th birthday. She shared a montage of family photos and captioned them with a from-the-heart message reminding us all to take a moment to appreciate the beautiful things and people that are in our lives at this moment:

Mackenzie McKee's mom Angie Douthit family photos Florida beach

Psalm 118:24 “This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Yesterday was a very good day. We took a boat ride in the bay and saw a giant manatee and several dolphins! Then we went to the beach and the kids and crazy adults had a blast playing in the sand and riding the ocean waves. Brad and the guys even got to play sand volleyball! And of course the kids did a very tough beach workout before we left.

Then we went to an amazing restaurant where several of us had octopus, shrimp, calamari, and some other things I wasn’t sure what it was! Lol As I sat and watched my kids and grandkids having so much fun, I tried to capture each moment in my mind. I don’t ever want to forget this amazing time we’ve had. The kids’ laughter, their amazing faces when they saw the ocean and the dolphins, and their excitement when the ocean birds surrounded us to eat Gannon’s Cheezits! It was a great day.

God gives us each day to enjoy. It’s his gift to us. And, how many days do we waste complaining and grumbling over ridiculous petty things. Each day holds so many miracles and blessings. We all need to savor each moment and keep it on our hearts. I realize not every day and every moment turn out the way we want it to, but God is still in control walking right beside us, holding our hands. He loves us so much!

Today count your blessings. Praise the God who created this day just for you. Look around and notice the miracles in front of you. Then, look for someone who needs your help, or your smile, or your hug. Love like there’s no tomorrow! Be very nice to everyone! Share your blessings with others! It’s gonna be another great day! #alwaysbekind #staystrongmightywarrior

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