VIDEO 90 Day Fiance’s Anfisa is going back to Russia

90 Day FIance  Anfisa returning to Russia Jorge sad

90 Day Fiance stars Jorge and Anfisa have returned to Youtube to share the news that Anfisa is going back to Russia!

The video comes one month after the fan favorite duo posted their first video together to clarify some things about Jorge’s situation after he was arrested in Arizona with 293 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle. It starts off with Jorge and Anfisa in their home (I assume) as they apologize for not posting another clip sooner. Then they get to the news about Anfisa’s return trip home.

As a set up, Anfisa points out that June will be her two-year anniversary of coming to the United States. She says that she was allowed to travel as soon as she got her green card, which took about seven months, but she has been so busy with college and other things that she hasn’t been able to find the time to make the trip back home.

But that recently changed thanks to her schedule clearing up — including spring break from college. “I’m leaving for Russia in two days,” she reveals. “I’m going to be there for ten days.”

Jorge says that he wishes he could go, but he says it would require a visa that he couldn’t get on such short notice. (International travel is so confusing to me. Jorge made numerous trips to Russia with just a passport while dating Anfisa, right? And Jorge has pending felony drug charges in Arizona — wouldn’t that preclude you from leaving the country for non-business-related reasons?) Regardless, Jorge clearly seems bummed that he will not be going along — as evidenced by his comical sad face above.

After the Russia trip announcement, Jorge and Anfisa took their viewers on a shopping trip to buy gifts for Anfisa’s mother and grandmother in Russia! Red makeup bags for everyone! (Emphasis on red — old school Russia.)

Unfortunately, they didn’t get a red makeup bag — but they did shop for contents for a red makeup as they started their their gift search by looking through makeup at Sephora. That proved unsuccessful, so the couple moved on to another store in the mall where Anfisa couldn’t resist trying on a short, frilly red dress in her favorite makeup bag hue:

Anfisa red dress

Jorge cracked a joke about having to wait outside the dressing room, but I think it was clearly worth the wait. 😉

The couple left that store as well, and as they were walking through the mall, viewers were treated to this classic #Jorfisa interaction:

“My mom loves cats,” Anfisa begins, “and wherever I go, I always bring her something shaped as a cat, or a drawing of a cat. When we were in Spain I got her a big — not like a statue, I don’t know what it is called — it was made of wood…”

“Yeah, I think I remember,” Jorge reflected. “You didn’t want to carry it, and I carried it all the way through the airport for her. [long pause as they walk] Not that I mind or anything, but…”

“It sounds like you do.”


“It sounds like you do,” Anfisa repeated.

“I don’t – I’m just sayin’.” (Ugh! I miss these two! Get on my TV already!)

The conversation is interrupted as Anfisa begins pawing at a window display featuring Chanel handbags.

While shopping in a Gucci store, Anfisa stumbles across a perfect gift – not for her mom or grandma, but for her 90 Day Fiance co-star Molly Mendez Hopkins:

90 Day Fiance Anfisa Molly Hopkins owl purse

“Isn’t that for what’s her name?” Jorge asks.

Anfisa doesn’t seem to know the reference. “Oh, for who?” she asks.

“Somebody on the show that’s like obsessed with owls or something?” Jorge replies.

“I don’t know,” says Anfisa as she puts the owl purse back and moves on to sunglasses.

In the end, ***SPOILER ALERT*** they decide on a blue scarf from Nordstrom featuring a bird design for Anfisa’s grandma. For her mom, Anfisa went with a cat coffee mug.

Anfisa’s phone battery died just before they sat down at a restaurant to eat, so we didn’t get to see that.

Once they got back home, they got the phone charged up, then Jorge and Anfisa wrapped up the clip by expressing their gratitude for the number of viewers their first Youtube video has received, as well as the amount of positive and supportive comments they’ve gotten in response to it. They say they will continue to share more videos, but their schedule is still such that the postings may be sporadic.

Hopefully, Anfisa will record some of her return to Russia, including her mom and grandma! Who knows, maybe she will give us a tour of the notorious Gold Digger University! 😉

Stay tuned!

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