Farrah Abraham arrest updates: video of the arrest and Farrah’s release, plus Farrah’s statement

Farrah Abraham arrest details

It’s been a little over 24 hours since it was first reported that former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was arrested after an altercation with Beverly Hills Hotel security, and we have compiled everything that has happened for you since in a timeline — including video of Farrah’s arrest, video of her release from jail, and her statement expressing her anger at being “targeted as a public figure” and calling the details about her arrest being reported in the media as “lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me.”

Wednesday, June 13 at approximately 1:00 AM PST – Farrah Abraham and daghter Sophia are staying at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Farrah is having drinks in the restaurant when she reportedly gets into a heated argument with other guests. The argument escalates and a male member of The Beverly Hills Hotel security intervens and asks Farrah to leave the hotel. Farrah reportedly got very belligerent with the security guard.

From TMZ: “Cops say the man reported she hit him in the face with her forearm, grabbed his ear and pushed his head as he tried preventing her from reentering the hotel. Officers noted Farrah displayed signs of intoxication during their investigation. The guard suffered minor injures and didn’t go to the hospital. ”

TMZ published video of Farrah after she was cuffed outside the hotel and as she is placed in the police car to be taken to jail and booked. In the video, Farrah can be seen seated on the ground next to a pillar outside the hotel surrounded by police. “So if you want to f**king bulls**t me and if you want to act like I’m not a real adult, go f**k yourself, and go f**k yourself, and go f**k yourself,” Farrah tells police.

Police took Farrah’s wallet as she insisted that she had done nothing wrong. “I did not attack, or batter, or hurt, or injure,” she insists. As she is placed in the cruiser, she began crying as she yelled: “I’m not resisting!” and “You’re hurting me!”

Here’s the clip:

Wednesday, June 13 at approximately 1:48 AM PST – Farrah is booked into the Beverly Hills Jail and charged with battery and trespassing, according to police records. Her bail was set at $500.

Wednesday, June 13 at approximately 1:02 AM PST – Farrah is released from jail wearing the same outfit she was wearing the night before when she was arrested. She is swarmed by paparazzi and seems uncharacterisitcally averse to the publicity as she dodges questions about her sobriety the night before and whether or not she hit the security guard. Here is the clip:

Here is a photo of Farrah enjoying a drink inside The Beverly Hills Hotel from a video posted just before midnight on Tuesday night:

Farrah Abraham drinking at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Farrah Abraham’s rep issued a statement right around the time of her release from jail:

This situation has been blown out of proportion, Farrah has not been charged and was released this afternoon. A misunderstanding occurred and there was no battery or trespassing. Farrah is the hardest working individual I know and sets very high standards of herself. Farrah is a powerhouse and was having a business meeting in the hotel where the alleged incident happened. She is a very sweet and ambitious young woman who has been portrayed in a biased light on a reality TV show for many years.

Wednesday, June 13 at 4:32 PM PDT – Farrah takes to Instagram to share a screen cap of TMZ’s article about her release in addition to a statement about her arrest:

Looking great in @prettylittlething – No charges & no jail time , I chose this life and I handle being targeted as a public figure & public punching bag ALL is Fair In Farrah’s world I will never believe the lies that people need to sell to make a dollar off me- Happy it’s all recorded and documented as I should never feel unsafe and be targeted at a hotel I’m staying at The Beverly Hills hotel truly allowed misconduct by staff to a paying guest there’s no need for me or anyone else to be treated this way. The Beverly Hills Police officers should stop having power trips and lying and selling stories to TMZ, while you let all of Beverly Hills be robbed, car break ins, stealing go on… focus on really protecting the public and doing good for Beverly Hills instead of creating made up problems. #farrahabraham

Farrah has shared numerous other posts on social media since her statement, but none of them reference her arrest.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm.

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