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Derek Underwood’s real mom Stormie Clark angry at MTV, still frustrated with Farrah

In last week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah Abraham took her daughter Sophia to visit the grave of Sophia’s deceased father, Derek Underwood. Prior to visiting the cemetery, Farrah met with Derek’s dad Jerry and Jerry’s wife Debbie. For some reason, MTV labeled Debbie as “Derek’s mom” on the episode, and Derek’s actual mom, Stormie Clark, is furious.

TEEN MOM Tabloid cover stories for November 22, 2010

None of the Teen Moms were the lead story on any of the major tabloids this week so I had to create my own magazine! So be sure to check out the premiere Teen Mom issue of Life & OKUStar! Though not the lead story in any of the magazines, the Teen Mom girls did still make it on the covers this week, so keep reading to get all caught up on Amber’s three new boy toys, the latest on Farrah’s issues with Derek’s mother Stormie Clark, and much more!