VIDEO Days after viral pregnancy announcement, YouTubers Sam and Nia Radar reveal miscarriage

Sam and Nia Miscarriage

Days after YouTube stars Sam and Nia Radar announced their pregnancy with a viral video, they shared the heartbreaking news that they’ve suffered a miscarriage.

“We were just so overjoyed, and then it just – bam. It just hit us like a bomb,” Nia said in a new video, titled “Our Baby Had a Heartbeat.” She added, “Those of you who have experienced miscarriage before, I can now, I can relate now. I have felt my womb empty out. I never, ever, ever knew women felt that way.”

In the first video posted last week, Sam surprised Nia by revealing her pregnancy to her. They immediately shared the news with their two children and millions of viewers. In spite of the miscarriage, the high school sweethearts said they don’t regret sharing as much as they did. They explained in the YouTube post…

The emptiness and heartache that comes with a miscarriage came as a total shock and we are coping with this, but wanted to include you. There is a stigma regarding miscarriage that says we need to be alone in it and keep it private, but what happened is nothing less than losing a baby. The hurt and pain is real. It’s something that needs to be talked about and something that requires support from friends and family.

In the video, the couple said they plan to try for another baby at some point. They continue to post daily videos, including on Sunday when they talked about moving forward after the loss.

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