LHHNY Tara Wallace might be pregnant (again) with Peter Gunz’s baby (again)

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LHHNY fans have whipped up a speculative storm about the current state of Tara Wallace’s womb, thanks to a string of photos Tara shared on Instagram. As has also been the case with LHHATL’s Joseline Hernandez, the prominent tummy Tara’s sporting in the pics has fans wondering if she’s pregnant again–and, of course, whether or not the baby is her fourth with co-star Peter Gunz.

Tara gave birth to Gunner, her third baby by Peter, on February 13th of this year–which was right around the time that Amina Buddafly confirmed she was also pregnant, also by Peter. She (Amina) gave birth to daughter Bronx in early August. (Click here for a complete rundown of all Peter Gunz’s children and baby mamas.)

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A new report, however, claims that Tara is definitely not pregnant with Peter’s baby (though the report doesn’t state outright that she isn’t pregnant at all). Peter himself responded to the rumors on Instagram, telling his followers “No more calls please!! Simply not true.. in fact impossible.”

What Peter means, of course, is that he couldn’t have gotten Tara pregnant, since he had a vascectomy this past winter, while the worst of the rumors of the many babies he’d allegedly fathered were swirling like a true nor’easter. Peter explained why he went ahead with the procedure in an interview with VladTV:

Of course, vasectomies aren’t fool-proof, as even licensed medical professionals can attest. One thing we do know, though, is that Amina told VH1 back in June that Peter and Tara were still sleeping together. So, if the proof that Tara isn’t pregnant is simply that Peter had his tubes tied, it might be better for LHHNY fans to wait for the inevitable paternity test (and to see if the story comes up in Season 7) before lowering their eyebrows.

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(Photo credits: Tara Wallace pregnant via Instagram; h/t to Fameolous)

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