Man charged with murder after chasing down, shooting home invader


A Louisville man facing a murder charge, after he chased down and shot a burglar that invaded his home, pleaded not guilty this morning in court.

22-year-old Deontae Yarnell told police that he fired at two men who had broken into his residence as they attempted to flee. He chased both of the invaders for approximately one block. One of the men was attempting to climb over a fence to escape when Yarnell fired shots again, killing him.

Yarnell’s attorney admitted that his client shot the man, but argued that the act was in self-defense:

“He came home and found them in his home, his personal residence where he lives. He fired shots at least at one of the men, a chase ensued and one of the men allegedly was shot and killed by Mr. Yarnell.”

The attorney representing Yarnell went on to say that his client didn’t know if the men were going to kill him and that he had the right to shoot them. Assistant County Attorney Cristin Southard stated that the act stopped being one of self-defense after the invader had been chased off of his property:

“The defendant came home and found these people there and after he fired shots, he actually chased one of them for a full city block before shooting him and that resulting in the homicide.”

Police are still looking for the other person who was allegedly breaking into Yarnell’s house.

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