PHOTOS Model Sarah Stage’s post-baby body is just as insane as her pregnancy figure

Sarah Stage's Post-Baby Body - Now

Model Sarah Stage welcomed a big baby boy less than one week ago — and already looks better than most of us. Life really isn’t fair sometimes, right?

“4 days post baby,” Sarah said of the top picture on Instagram. “Total pregnancy weight gain was 28 pounds. I’m excited to resume my workouts in 5 weeks!! #JamesHunter #HealthyBaby #GrannyPanties”

Although Sarah’s ability to bounce back from carrying an 8.5-lb. baby is impressive, it isn’t particularly surprising, considering how toned she looked throughout her pregnancy.

Still waiting .. #9months

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During her pregnancy, Sarah said she just found a good balance between working out and indulging in her favorite fast food burgers. (I think genetics help, too.)

“I still have a trainer, but I was working out a lot harder before the pregnancy,” she told ET Online in March.

She delivered healthy baby boy James Hunter last Tuesday.

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

A photo posted by SARAH STAGE (@sarahstage) on

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