UNEXPECTED Lexus Scheller’s mom Kelsey reveals twin boys’ names

Unexpected Kelsey Scheller baby names

As we previously reported, Unexpected mom Lexus Scheller is going to be a big sister — two times over! Lexus’s mother, Kelsey Scheller, announced in February that she had finally scored a victory in her lengthy battle with infertility and is expecting twins due in August.

Kelsey revealed that her battle to have another child lasted a decade and included three ectopic pregnancies and the loss of her fallopian tubes in 2019.

Kelsey began IVF treatment in September of 2022, and she got the positive pregnancy news less than four months later. On the same day as her pregnancy announcement, Kelsey revealed that she was having two boys. “Can’t wait to meet my baby brothers,” Lexus commented on the gender reveal post, adding this string of emoji: 🥺✨❤️❤️❤️❤️.

More than six weeks after the pregnancy reveal, Kelsey shared an update that included BABY NAMES! Here’s her post:

So it appears that the boys will be named Zayd Shuler Dunbar/Taylor and Zyln Shuler Dunbar/Taylor. If you’re curious about all of the names, and why “Scheller” isn’t one of them, we did a little research.

Kelsey Scheller’s maiden name is Kelsey Dunbar. Kelsey’s significant other (whom I assume is the biological father of the boys) is Maurice Shuler. OK, that just leaves Taylor.

While researching Maurice, I discovered that he recently filed to legally change his name from Maurice Marshall Shuler to Maurice Marshall Shuler/Taylor. The name change petition is still open, but Maurice has already started using the new name on Facebook.

Many of Kelsey’s followers on Instagram left comments asking about her inspiration for choosing the names Zayd and Zyln. There were also numerous comments asking how to properly pronounce the names. Kelsey has yet to respond to either question.

Congratulations again to Kelsey!

Lexus Scheller Bell’s palsy update

While we are sharing positive updates about the Scheller fam, we have one for Lexus as well.

As we previously reported, Lexus was on a road trip to Texas when she started feeling partial paralysis on the right side of her face. She was later diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, and the effects were startling.

On April 4, Lexus shared a very positive update:


“So today marks three weeks since my Bell’s palsy started,” Lexus says in the clip. “As you can see, I’m all back to normal.”

Lexus thanks all of the people who offered her support and suggestions. She also expresses her gratitude for only having a mild case.

“We’re all good,” Lexus re-asserts. “Thank god it’s back to normal. I’m going to keep my stress levels low and just hope and pray it never comes back. But at least if it does come back, I know what to do.”

Just in case you were curious, it appears that ALL of Lexus’s body parts are fully operational, as evidenced by her recent TikTok videos like this one:


♬ –

(If you visit her social media accounts you can find a link to Lexus Scheller’s OnlyFans account.)

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