Today Show’s Jill Martin bikini photos in Miami

The Today Show's Jill Martin bikini photo

Just in case chestnuts roasting over an open fire aren’t enough to keep you warm this holiday season, here is Today Show fashion expert Jill Martin heating up the beaches of Miami in a black and metallic silver bikini sure to [insert nuts roasting reference here]!

The Today Show's Jill Martin in a bikini on the beaches of Miami

My editor/blog nutritionist insists that all eye candy posts contain enough verbiage to make them more than just empty calories for the eyes, so here’s the 411 on Jill from her website:

Jill Martin’s passion for sports, entertainment news, and fashion fuse together seamlessly both on and off the camera. Martin is currently a Fashion Contributor on TODAY and a reporter for the NY KNICKS. The Emmy-winning TV personality is also the author of the famed book, Fashion for Dummies. Her second book “I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!” hits bookshelves August 16th, 2011. Whether broadcasting live courtside or reporting from Hollywood, as CBS Sports director Jim Berry once said, “Jill Martin is the girl to ‘get-the-get’.”

New York Nicks reporter and Today Show fashion expert Jill Martin bikini photo

As a contributor on NBC’s Today Show, Jill discusses everything from the latest trends to how to shop on a budget, and is well-known for the Today Show’s wildly-popular “Ambush Makeovers.” Jill has filled in and co-hosted the 4th hour of TODAY with Kathie-Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. She has reported from The Emmys, Golden Globes, and Oscars.

Now you don’t have to feel guilty for staring! Jill is more than just a sexy body – so let’s take one looooong guilt free last look shall we?

The Today Show's jill Martin in a sexy bikini on Miami Beach

So do they even listen to Christmas music in Miami?

Top Photo: Ralph Notaro / Splash News

All Other Photos: Pichichi / Splash News

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