Snooki defends JWoww’s restraining order against Roger, posts video of JWoww with police

The tumultuous relationship between Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley and her husband Roger Mathews looks to finally be over after JWoww filed a restraining order against Roger late Thursday night.

In a series of videos posted after the fact, Roger reveals that the two of them got into an argument earlier in the evening over JWoww needing to leave for work the following day. Roger says that JWoww began “hysterically shouting” at him and threatening to call the police, and that’s when he made the call to the cops.

Police arrived on the scene, and later left. Roger then left as well to record a podcast interview. After he returned later in the evening, police came back at the house at roughly 2AM to let him know that JWoww had gone to a judge and filed a restraining order. Roger then began documenting the rest of the AM hours in a series of videos — including some shot while in the back seat of a police vehicle as they transported him to a friend’s house. I will include all of Roger’s videos at the bottom of this post, but here are some examples of his captions:

This is the level my ex wife takes it to after telling my kids their dad is a piece of sh*t and she’s sorry she ever had children with him. She gets so emotional and irrational in her anger this is the level she brings it too. Saddest day of my life watching her tell my daughter “she is sorry she had children with your daddy”. The truth will come out. The truth will set you free. I will never stop fighting for my kids.

Stay tuned. I’m sure your gonna see a tear filled video soon of the greatest acting you’ve ever seen in your life of a woman crying saying she is operating in the best interest of her children. Stay tuned. Acting is acting. The truth is the truth.

This will be the hardest road I ever traveled no doubt for years to come but I will fight for my children and I have the truth on my side. All I wanted was to stay together as a family and work on our issues and fight the good fight for greater good. I tried. I left everything I had on the table. Everything. In the end I must respect that’s not what the other side wanted but to use children as pawns is about the most disposable act a person can possibly do. This was never my wish nor my intent. My heart breaks for my children.

JWoww had remained completely silent about the whole situation on social media, but Roger’s posts forced her hand, and eventually her rep issued this statement:

While Jenni has refrained from making any public statements relating to her impending divorce, in light of recent events we have decided to make an official statement. Certain events transpired last night which lead [sic] Jenni to involve the authorities, as she felt it was in her best interests, and the best interests of her children to do so. Any statements and social media posts depicting anything to the contrary are entirely false, misleading and intentionally designed to cast Jenni in a negative light.

She is proud to be a hardworking parent who provides for her children. While we have chosen not to comment further, we will note that a judge immediately ruled in Jenni’s favor and issued a temporary order of protection last night. Please respect Jenni’s decision for privacy in an effort to protect herself and her children during this time.

While JWoww herself has not spoken out, the same cannot be said for her Jersey Shore co-star and best friend Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, who geared up and went to war for JWoww in the Instagram comment trenches. Here are a couple examples of her interactions:

COMMENT: Makes everything worse when you BOTH hurt your kids by posting your personal family business!!! But gotta make money somehow huh?!?!?

SNOOKI: Exactly why she’s dumbfounded as to why he posted 10 videos of their personal business. He wants to win over the public instead of keeping it [personal] and resolving the situation. You’ve all been played.

COMMENT: Jenn needs help. Rodgers a good guy, leave and do you because that’s all you care about. Let Rodger raise his kids. I’m turning on you Jenn. I’m so ashamed of how your making Rodger look and feel.

SNOOKI: you’re ashamed at how Jenni is making Roger look? She doesn’t go to social media and air out their laundry because she has respect for her family and doesn’t need the opinion of sheeps. Roger has been calling Jenni a terrible mom and bad person for years now, but nobody sees that because she doesn’t post videos about it.

Snooki also posted a video of an emotional JWoww talking with police about a potential restraining order in which she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to keep the kids from Roger:

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Update: Ive decided to post this video because Jennis intentions were to never keep the kids from Roger. She is fighting for him to be in their lives and never once tried to take them away. Because you see 10 videos of him airing out their personal business regarding their divorce , it’s okay to bagger Jenni and send her death threats telling her she’s an awful mom and human being? Or because Roger posts more about the kids that means he’s with them more than Jenni? I personally know her, and she’s a stay at home mother. She doesn’t leave her children for months on end like depicted from him, and when she does work, she leaves filming and comes home to make sure everything is okay. But since you don’t see that on the show, or her posting the kids 24/7 like he does, she’s not with them ever? You all got played by social media. I know my sis and she is NOT the person Roger is painting her out to be. So congratulations, you gave him what he wants. Your attacks and bullying.

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Here is a full gallery of Snooki’s responses in defense of JWoww that she shared in her Instagram story:

As mentioned above, Roger posted a series of videos recorded from the back of a police vehicle as they were transporting him to a friend’s house, and also after he arrived at his friend’s house. Here are all 11 of those videos — which I assume will eventually be deleted:

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A wave of truth is coming.

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I’ve always been a big fan of JWoww, so I suppose I am a bit biased in all of this. But, I think even a completely neutral observer will see that Roger is making all these claims about how JWoww is going to try to make him look bad, yet he is the only one posting publicly about their current issues.

Regardless, as with any un-amicable split between parents, this is a very unfortunate and ugly situation. It’s only made worse given the fact that the parents involved (and the children) are celebrities in the media spotlight. Hopefully they will both be able to set aside their anger and frustration and realize that continuing to try to make the relationship work is not in the best interest of their children or themselves. In other words, they need to start working together on being apart.

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