Mob Wives finale: Karen and Drita feud explodes after episode airs

Mob Wives finale 3

Last night’s Mob Wives finale featured yet another blowout fight between Karen and Drita–and, when the episode was over, the pair took to social media to continue their long feud. It seems a safe bet that neither woman is likely to have the other on any of the rumored Mob Wives spinoffs. Especially not after the Mob Wives finale itself, which featured–spoilers if you haven’t seen the episode yet!–one of the bigger brawls between Karen and Drita in Mob Wives history, complete with VH1 security guards separating the two. (The undercard, moments earlier, was a showdown between Brittany and Marissa Jade, which also ended in security keeping the women apart.)

Of course, that fight happened weeks ago: and it continued last night, with Karen and Drita going at it online. This time, though, it was mostly Karen doing the talking, including alleging that the security guards present at the Mob Wives finale fight were requested beforehand by Drita:

Mob Wives finale 2

Drita, by comparison, kept largely quiet, and either commented on other action or retweeted well-wishes about Big Ang. One thing she’s never been able to resist, though, is a quick rat comparison at Karen’s expense. This one came courtesy of The Sopranos:

“THAT’S WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT GRAVANO” #ratbitch they talk about u on the sopranos too…look ur famous! Lol

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Which, of course, led to further taunting from Karen:

As for Brittany Fogarty, the newest Mob Wives cast member and an ally of Drita all season long? Karen was even more blunt:

Mob Wives finale 1

Looks like things will be as feisty as ever for the Mob Wives Season 6 reunion!

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Mob Wives Brittany Fogarty blows up Twitter as feud with Karen Gravano intensifies


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