Tiger Woods withdrew from the players for a bulging what!?!

File this “Freudian Slip” under it was bound to happen.  Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players golf tournament early in his round on Sunday for medical reasons.  Later it was stated that it could possibly be a bulging disc in his neck.  Disc, D-I-S-C, Dee-Eye-Ess-See but this poor reporter lady said the wrong word in her report.  Oh you know what she said don’t ya!

I think Tiger and the rest of us better get used to this kind of thing happening.  I mean he does compete in the most innuendo laden sport of all time what with shafts, putting from the rough, cups, balls, strokes and on and on. 

I hope the producers from that network don’t come down too hard on the lady, did I just say come down on the lady?  Why does Tiger Woods make everything dirty now?  What’s a blogger to do?