VIDEO Toddler waiting for daddy gets surprise delivery

Viral Youtube video with toddler waiting for daddy by mail slot, gets hit in the face by letter

This is one of those instances where trying to set up a video with words is pretty much pointless and would only lessen your viewing pleasure. So, just watch the clip:

The clip is like a scene from a horror movie where knowing what’s coming only adds to the suspense.

The good folks over at The Soup used this clip as a reason to reflect on the art of naming Youtube videos, which they so articulately point out is often “a tender balance between seductive prose and literal postmodernism,” with “Postman owns little kid” being yet another perfect example.

That being said, they subtly offered up their own title by oh-so-cleverly calling their post “Alpha Mail.”

In that spirit, I’d like to suggest the title “Letter to Babyface.”