REPORT Amber Portwood and Matt Baier break up after he fails a lie detector test

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier break up

It appears that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood has finally seen the light in regards to her shifty beau Matt Baier. According to a new report, Matt is officially an eligible bachelor again after Amber had him take a lie detector test amid cheating allegations — and he failed.

The break up scoop comes via The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, who says that the [everything Matt says] hit the fan on Wednesday while the two were still in Los Angeles after the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Amber had reportedly been growing more and more suspicious of Matt being unfaithful, and “things really came to a head when members of Amber’s inner circle confronted her with new information about Matt allegedly cheating on her.”

The Ashley states that “Amber was so upset by the new information that she demanded Matt take a polygraph test to prove that he hadn’t cheated on Amber (or attempted to cheat on Amber).”

Matt failed the polygraph test and was reportedly sent packing back to Indiana, with Amber demanding that he remove his stuff from the house and be gone before she gets back.

Fans were picking up on signs that the two may have been having issues when Amber began deleting photos of Matt from her social media accounts over the last few days.

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It’s not known which members of Amber’s “inner circle” staged the Ambervention, but if I had to make a guess, I would say that her brother Shawn Portwood had something to do with it. He posted earlier this month that he was tired of receiving information about Matt’s past relationships and children, but he seemed to leave the door wide open to anyone that could bring him hard evidence that Matt was doing — or planned to do — harm to Amber. Perhaps he got that? If not Shawn, then maybe it was a member(s) of Amber’s MTV film crew? Whoever it was — congratulations to them for finally breaking the spell Matt had on Amber.

I don’t think the news that Matt may have been unfaithful to Amber will come as a big shock to many people, but what is a shock to me is that he failed a lie detector test about. I was sincerely beginning to get the impression that he believed his own lies!

I will add that sending Matt back to their house alone is probably a terrible idea. I would strongly recommend someone be there to make sure Matt only took what was “his.” I don’t even want to think about the nightmare Amber is in store for if her previous statements about sharing a bank account, etc. were true — not to mention their businesses and cars. (It turns out they don’t actually own their house, so that isn’t a concern.)

Now we can all collectively hold our breath in hopes that Amber isn’t secretly pregnant.

It’s unclear at this point if the break up and Matt’s apparently untruthfulness will impact the release of his book You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life. The book, co-written by Real Mr. Housewife and The Dirty blogger Matt Richards, was set to be published on June 6 and included a foreword by Amber Portwood. (It’s interesting to note that Matt Richards’ name is no longer featured on the book cover.)

UPDATE – Speaking of the co-author of Matt’s book, he reached out to Matt on behalf of The Dirty and Matt claims that the break up story isn’t true. “No, we are not broken up,” Matt says. “There have been very sick, lonely people for the last three years trying to destroy us, and that’s going to take its toll on any relationship.”

Matt admits that he did take a lie detector test to “once and for all prove to everybody I’ve never been unfaithful to Amber,” but he does not mention anything about the results. “Amber and I will get through this like we always have,” he says, before adding that the folks trying to “extort” him and Amber are “being dealt with in the legal system now.”

The Dirty also spoke with Amber, who wasn’t quite as verbosely pro-Mamber in her response to the break up rumors. “As of now, we are not broken up,” she says.

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