The Game reveals he dated Kim Kardashian, shoots down Khloe Kardashian romance rumors

Khloe Kardashian - The Game - Kim Kardashian

When The Game and Khloe Kardashian were first romantically linked last fall, the rapper said the reality star is “like a sister.” Apparently that was closer to the truth than anyone realized…

“I went and dated Kim for a little while, a little short while a long time ago,” The Game told BBC Radio’s Charlie Sloth on Tuesday. “We went to McDonalds twice, pulled up in that drive thru.”

That means if romance worked out, Khloe would have been Game’s sister-in-law. If only he’d splurged on a date that didn’t include a Dollar Menu option…

Kardashian sources confirmed the story. One told Us Weekly, “Kim dated The Game years ago. Khloe introduced them in 2006. They’ve known him for years. That’s why the whole family laughs at the dating rumors about The Game and Khloe.”

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