Guess which skeleton from Kim Kardashian’s past may become her new neighbor

Kim and Kanye House

It seems like Kim and Kanye have been all over the board when it comes to their first home together. Initially, Kimye was living with her mom until construction was complete on their $11 million Bel Air estate. However, last year, that all changed when they decided to purchase a different dream home just 5 minutes from Kris. The Hidden Hills mansion sits on 3.5 acres of land and includes two swimming pools, two spas, its very own vineyard, and the list goes on and on…

So imagine how Kim and Kanye must feel now after finding out her former flame and on-screen sex tape partner, Ray J, put an offer in on a house down the street!


According to TMZ, Ray J submitted an offer on a $2.7 million mansion located just 8 doors down from the Wests. Ray J and his business partner toured the home on Friday before submitting the offer.

Given the size of the homes and the lots in the Hidden Hills area, the chances of Kim and Kanye running into Ray J are pretty slim. In a regular person’s world, 8 houses down is a short stroll down the street. In their world, 8 houses down is likely a mile or two.

Do you think it’s weird that Kim and Kanye may be living down the street from Ray J?


Top photos: Instagram