The Game before and after 60 Days of Fitness photos

The Game weight loss photo

Back in the beginning of December rapper The Game announced that he was going to be participating in his brother’s 60 Days of Fitness regiment in hopes of having the body he’s “always wanted” by Valentine’s Day. The Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has been sharing his journey with tweets and photos on Instagram highlighting his diet and workouts. Yesterday he gave fans a “30-day check in” by sharing before and after photos of his physique!

The Game shared the photo up top along with these words:

Day 30 check in: all my goals were accomplished in the 1st 30 days of my @60daysoffitness with @bwsbyrd . The goal was to dramatically change my eating habits to a clean diet without error as well as shed the body fat wit massive cardio/ab workouts… Running, hiking, cycling etc….. I’m happy I was able to stay focused & maintain my motivation which was fueled by you guys, so thanks !!! The next 30 days will be to build muscle in ALL areas so at the 60 day mark which is right in time for Valentine’s Day… I will have the body that I’ve always wanted. I appreciate the support & continuous love from my fans & those who’ve joined the @60daysoffitness team. Stay focused, I’m with you. & to all my ni**as out there (no homo) on the pic…. Just progress my ni**as ha ha ha…. Love

That was followed by this before and after pairing:

Rapper The Game before and after weight loss photos side by side

Didn’t want to post the pic on the left but F**K IT….. 30 days into my @60daysoffitness with my lil brother @bwsbyrd the transformation is in FULL SWING !!! Can’t wait to see what my 30 day pic looks like compared to my 60 day. Join @60daysoffitness now & become a member ASAP at !!!! Can’t wait to see your results…. I believe in you like you believed in me !!! #OneTeamOneDream #60daysoffit #Leggggo

And then another solitary shot accompanied by a caption by The Game clarifying that he hasn’t actually lost weight, merely replaced fat with muscle:

Rapper The Game chest tattoos photo

For those who said I lost weight…. I have lost no weight…. Replaced body fat with muscle. Simple. @60daysoffitness can make it happen !!!! Didn’t even believe the shit myself until I compared the pics. What you waiting on ??? is up & running !!!!

And finally another two before-and-after shots:

Rapper The Game shows off weight loss in before and after photos

Follow @bwsbyrd & get with @60daysoffitness NOW !!! The is UP !!! Day 30/60 #60daysoffit

For those who want to play catch up with The Game, just hop on over to his Twitter account and start from the beginning, which is this photo and post from December 3:

My brother/trainer @bwsbyrd making my breakfast for Day 1 of my 60 day better living fitness transition. One shake for breakfast (protein, water & banana) & one for dinner. Ride with me on my journey. My brother altered his self, mind & body in 60 days & so can WE !!! Follow my little brother @bwsbyrd NOW & if you can get your body like his before I can I will buy you a home gym !!!!!! (No cheating) must post daily pics starting today… & 60 days from now we will pick the winner out of his new folowers……. GO !!!!!!

Congrats to The Game and kudos to him and his brother for not only improving their own health and lives, but sharing it with well over one million Twitter followers!

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