Was Marysol Patton’s marriage to Philippe Pautesta-Herda fake?


During the first Season of Real Housewives of Miami, we saw Marysol Patton marry Phillippe Pautesta-Herda in a romantic Aspen wedding. By the time the second season was filming, though, the pair had already split. They decided to divorce by the season finale, and viewers never really got to see them as a couple.

At some point on camera fellow castmate Lea Black made a comment about Marysol and Phillippe’s marriage being a green card marriage, and that comment became a source of sore debate in the Season 2 reunion show.

When Lea started complaining about gossip and rumors, Marysol called her out immediately in the clip below.

Marysol: “The minute you said ‘greencard,’ everyone thought my marriage was fake.

Lea: “I never said your marriage was fake! That was a joke.”

Maryol: “Saying that on national television, all of a sudden you planted that seed in everyone’s head, and now two-and-a-half years later everyone’s like “Oh that marriage was fake, it was for a green card.”

Lea: “That’s not why they’re saying it’s fake Marysol. They’re saying it’s fake because the day you quit filming he left and you didn’t hear from him for months on end.”

Marysol: “My relationship didn’t work out because I sucked as a wife.”

Lea: “You know what Marysol, I doubt that that’s the truth becuase it takes two to make a relationships work. But if you want to be the victim again . . .”

Marysol: “The only thing I was ever the victim of was believing you were ever my friend.”