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Pink’s 1-year-old son Jameson is suffering from hand, foot, and mouth disease while she’s on tour

Pink currently on a global "Beautiful Trauma" tour with her husband Carey Hart and kids Willow (7,) and Jameson (1.) Carey revealed on Instagram that both of the kids are sick, and Jameson is suffering from "hand, foot, and mouth disease." Willow has a fever, and Jameson is has a contagious illness young children can be prone to contract that's charities by rashes appearing on the hands, feet (and legs in Jameson's case,) and mouth.

P!nk, Amber Rose, Sharon Osbourne, Ariel Winter, Bella Thorne weigh in on Kim Kardashian nude selfie

Forget Trump or Cruz. Don't worry about Hillary or Bernie. The real issue dividing Americans right now (or assorted celebrities anyway) is Kim Kardashian's recent share of a nude selfie! It seems like just about everybody has an opinion, including us, and they aren't having any problem sounding off about it publicly. Here's the latest.