The 80’s called and wants fashion back from X Factor judges

The X Factor judges Paula Abdul and Cheryl Cole unintentionally look like they are from the 1980's

Paula Abdul has been reunited with Simon Cowell and is set to join singer Cheryl Cole for the American version of the singing competition The X Factor.  I remember crushing on Abdul hard in the 80’s when her mega-hit “Straight Up” dominated MTV back when MTV showed music videos.

Those were the days man, big hair, shiny purple ruffled ensembles on those senior girls who wouldn’t give you the time of day.  The smell of Aqua Net virtually emanating from their yearbook photos.  Big earrings and over-sized trinket jewelry.  Open shoulder tops with high waist big belt sexiness…

HEY WAIT A MINUTE!  The judges of X Factor must have had their own hot tub time machine and went back and stole the 80’s look!  Seriously, in this photo posted via Abdul’s Twitter account it’s like seeing Romy and Michele in a recent Facebook photo.  If it weren’t for that laptop and flat screen TV in the background you would’ve had a hard time convincing me this wasn’t taken circa 1988.  I mean Sweet Child O’ Mine, just look at Cheryl’s do!

Abdul said of Cole in the unintentionally retro-tweet that:

Gotta tell you about Cheryl, “The Fierce” is strong with this one.

Star Wars joke, I like totally get that radness Paula!  All 80’s kidding aside perhaps I’m stuck in time a little bit too because all in all I have to say I likey the look.  You know, I wonder what Cowell would look like in a Members Only jacket?

Simon Cowell in a Members Only jacket

Top that!