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REPORT Half the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast to be fired following Season 3 reunion special

It's the end of one season, so the rumors have begun about the next: according to a new item, half of the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast will be fired after this year's two-part reunion special airs, and replaced with all-new members for Season 4. Read on for the full (ish) report, and to check out the list of alleged casualties...

VIDEO LHHH Are Shanda and Willie still split up? She admits ‘temporary’ separation, but rumors disagree

Shanda and Willie's storyline has proven to be one of the most dramatic of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood's still-young Season 3, so it's not surprising that Shanda herself would provide an interview on the state of her marriage for VH1's cameras. What she shared, though, has fans raising their eyebrows over the possibility that the couple are *still* split up–something that rumors alleged before the LHHH Season 3 premiere, but that's been unsubstantiated so far. Read on to see what Shanda had to say, and to check out evidence that might suggest a reconciliation!