Teens track down fake nurse that stole newborn from hospital


A woman dressed as a nurse walked into a hospital in Quebec, Canada and walked out with 16-hour-old baby Victoria – and she would have gotten away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling kids!

Police said that the 21-year-old in scrubs disguise approached Victoria’s mommy, Mélissa McMahon, and took the baby from her arms telling the mother that she needed to be weighed. McMahon realized within minutes that something was wrong, but it was already too late.

Security cameras caught the kidnapper walking out of the hospital with the baby and then speeding away in a Toyota Yaris with a “Baby on Board” sign. The police released an Amber Alert while the photo of the woman along with descriptions of her vehicle were shared via social media.

It was at this point when 4 teens with “nothing better to do that evening” intervened.

These teenagers saw the post about the car on Facebook and decided they would head out to look for the woman. “We went off in search of a red car,” one of them said. When the photo of the woman was released one of the teens recognized her as a former neighbor.

Rescuing teens / Twitter

They drove to the woman’s apartment and saw the car in question parked outside with the lights on. They called the police who, within minutes, had arrived on the scene, kicked down the door and recovered baby Victoria. The kidnapper was arrested and subsequently hospitalized for a medical evaluation while being placed on a 24-hour police watch.

The hospital hasn’t commented on the situation other than to say they are awaiting the official police investigation.

The baby’s uncle remarkably spoke with the woman as she walked down the hall with Victoria. She told him that she was taking the child for routine tests. “She had the attitude, the uniform, all of it and we never presumed she was a kidnapper,” he said.

Victoria’s mom thanked everyone who shared the photos via her own Facebook post writing, “The photo saved our daughter! In less than an hour, the photo was everywhere…You were more than thousands of people who shared the photo of this woman on social media. … Know that it was this that saved her, our little Victoria. Every click, every share made the difference.”

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