Amber Rose and the Kardashians now involve nude photos in their feud

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The long-running Rose-Kardashian feud has gone to another level. After Rose took shots at Kylie Jenner’s relationship with Tyga–specifically, at Kylie’s age–Kim and Khloe took to Twitter separately to stick up for their family’s honor. The tweets mentioned Rose’s stripper past specifically, and asserted that the Kardashians always take the high road when it comes to feuds with other people.

Then, Amber called Kim a “whore” in response. And it was at that point that a Kardashian fan account on Instagram posted two nude photos of Rose, taken while in the act of stripping. The photos, which have all the best bits blacked out but might be NSFW nonetheless, make reference to “UNSHAVED nether regions” in their caption, were promptly liked by Khloe Kardashian. Rose then doubled down on the situation by posting a screencap of Khloe liking two of the photos to her (Amber’s) Instagram.


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At this point, things have gone beyond silly, haven’t they? Both Amber and Kim have displayed their bodies to further their careers; for either one of them to throw that in the face of the other seems both hypocritical and misguided. Given all Amber’s talk about bedtimes and Kylie needing an earlier one, and everything Kim said about Amber staying up late to strip when she was a teenager, it sounds like all parties could use an earlier bedtime, and possibly some naps as well.


(Photo credits: Amber Rose on Instagram)

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