Teen Mom Leah Messer breaks up with new boyfriend Dusty Haas

Teen Mom Leah Messer announces split from new boyfriend Dusty Haas

Things happen fast in the world of relationships and such was the case with Teen Mom Leah Messer who made headlines last week by releasing professionally shot photographs of herself and her new man Dusty Haas having fun at the 4th of July festivities in Ripley, West Virginia only to announce less than a week later that they are no longer together.

The release of the photos was followed by her Facebook page being taken down due the voluminous amount of drama the announcement created among fans. Her fan page came back yesterday, but it was accompanied by the bomb-diffusing message that the two were no longer seeing each other.

The Facebook message has since been deleted (more than likely because they crossed the MTV lines and revealed a little too much information about Leah’s personal life) but the recently divorced mother of two addressed the break up later that day with this tweet:

I’m not dating anyone ((: .. Kkthanks.

All in all I’m sure it was a sad experience for Leah, but it’s a good sign that she’s able to get back to living her life post-Corey. That being said, her twin daughters Aliannah and Aleeah have been and always will be her top priority, so it could just be that she realized the timing wasn’t right for getting into another relationship right now because she’s still getting used to life as a full-time single mom.