Leah Messer on reported drug addiction, Jeremy, Corey, Miranda and more from Facebook Q&A

Teen Mom 2 Leah Messer interview 2015

Teen Mom 2 has wrapped up another dramatic roller coaster of a season, and no one’s story line had more dramatic ups and downs than that of Leah Messer. In addition to going through her second divorce, Leah left home to attend a rehab facility for emotional and (it is assumed) drug issues. In addition to what viewers have seen on screen, Leah has also been forced to deal with off-screen drama, such as reliable reports that she slept with Corey while he was with Miranda.

The 23-year-old mother of three has been relatively quiet on social media throughout all of the on-screen and off-screen drama, leaving viewers with a lot of unanswered questions. Earlier today, Leah participated in a live Q&A session on the Teen Mom 2 Facebook page to try to answer some of those.

Here is the full question and answer session:

QUESTION: Hiya Leah, just wanted to ask how are you [doing] since you went away for some help. Do you see a big change in yourself? By the way you look amazing.

LEAH: I see a positive change, but no one comes back from treatment 100 % ! It takes a lot of work and willingness! I will be where I’m destined to be as a mom and being!

Hi Leah. First, big hello from New Zealand. What are the struggles you’re finding being a mom to 3?

Learning that I need to make time for myself !!

Are you and Miranda getting along? She said some mean things about you on Teen Mom.

Misery loves company, and I can only control my own actions not hers or anyone else.

What’s your dream?

My dream is to be a difference.

Leah, why do you think Jeremy gave you such a hard time all the time during your marriage? I feel you tried the best you possibly could. You even mentioned counseling. Why do you think Jeremy gave up on your marriage?

Marriage takes work… A lot of it !

How is you and Jeremy’s friendship going? I was upset to see you guys split..why didn’t he want to work things out?

Jeremy and I get along so great!

How is your relationship with Cory and Miranda now?

We are doing what is best for the girls besides our differences.

Are you Happy?

I am happy, and doing everything to be the best version of myself possible.

What are your plans now??? Outside treatment??

I am following through with therapy and outpatient and taking care of my girls

How are you doing with 3 kids. I am from the same city as you – I know that is being hard as a single mom.

Of course it’s hard but very important to make [time] for yourself !

Who has primary custody of the girls?

Corey and I share custody of our girls !

Why do you beat around the bush when it comes to what you went to “therapy” for? Why not be real about it and encourage others going through the same recovery from addiction?

Because treatment isn’t only for addiction. Treatment facilities aren’t just for addicts. Jeremy knew where I was going and why, but I could not be open with Corey because anything and everything was tried to be used against me in a negative light even if it was for the better.

When all of the drug rumors were going around why didn’t you defend yourself to Corey? It showed on camera that you passed a drug test.

I tried to defend myself without confrontation, but no matter what I done or said their minds were set on their own opinions.

Do you feel like the therapy is helping you in any way? And how is it making your relationship better for your girls?

Definitely !! I don’t know what I would do without therapy and all of the coping skills I have learned! I believe therapy will allow me to help my daughters handle any circumstance they run into much better than I had at first!

Leah, I am so proud of you! I think it takes a strong person to admit when they have any kind of a problem. For a mom to admit their issues on television just shows that other people can go get help too! Way to go! Is it hard to live your life with cameras on you all the time?

ABSOLUTELY!! Never would I thought it would be so hard to try and make a difference in young girls’ lives.

Do you think you’re currently the best mother you can be?

I do believe I am the best mother I can be, but I will strive to be an even BETTER mother than I Am.

Hope all is well with you Leah. Are you doing ok?

I am doing great, thanks !

How was treatment?

Best experience of my life!

How do you tolerate all these people who just want to see you fail?????

I look up to God !

How many more babies do you plan on?

Babies are not even on my mind, lol.

Hi sweetie. I’m a mom of 3 boys. I originally started watching Teen Mom with my two teens as a tool. Then I just got hooked on the girls and their stories. I have always thought you were such a great mom. I cried with you when your daughter had medical problems. I just think you’re very brave to admit that you’re having personal problems, and got the help you needed to be an even better mom to them. I hope you find the happiness you deserve.

Thank you !

Leah Messer daughters Ali and Aleeah

Are you afraid of getting the girls taken from you? Corey seems like he wants to take you to court for them.

No because my girls know I am their mommy and no matter what happens they will be of age one day and can not be forced to be away from me.

Is there any one thing that you wish you could change, or have changed sooner about the past?

I wish I would have went to a treatment facility after my first divorce ..

How do you feel about the scene of Jeremy and Corey in the restaurant? Jeremy seems like he wants to get along with you but then we see another side. It’s confusing.

It confused me too,lol.

Where are you and Jeremy at this point between you two and Addy?

We get along great ! He sees Addie anytime he’s in and we just really work together on when she sees him and when she sees me. We let her decide.

Is it hard being married twice and only being in your 20s ? Also did you really sleep with Corey while you were married to Jeremy? And are you and Jeremy back together?

It was humiliating … But it’s only a lesson learned. Jeremy and I have talked but just remained as friends. As it is best.

Hey Leah!! I think [you’re] a great mom but why do you not let Corey have a lot more time so you’re not overwhelmed?

I want Corey to be able to see the girls just as much as I do as the girls want to.

Are you ok with your divorce with Jeremy and is he acting ok with you? I think that you’re a good mom.


Hey Leah I’m a big fan. How are you and the girls, and how are you and Jeremy? Where are you two at this point?

We are doing great!

How are the girls handling everything? They seem to be happy!

My girls are very intelligent and know what is going on, but we are taking it day by day. They are the happiest most luckiest spoiled girls you’ll ever meet lol

You have been through so much. What would you say was the hardest?

Not being able to have control of Ali’s diagnosis.

How old is your youngest child??????

Addie is 2 🙂

Do you think you will find love again?

When the time is right ..

Hey, Leah. What I don’t understand is why you didn’t go and talk with Corey about the girls in the last episode. He had every right to be with his wife, just as you would do with Jeremy when you guys were married. Corey never mind because it was the correct thing to do, but you made such a big issue about it. You started off as the most mature of them and quickly spiraled down. It’s so sad. Do you see now that you were wrong not to go and speak with both Corey and Miranda?

No. He had every right to be with his wife, yes. However, There is times where him and I can have a conversation without her. She was wanting to set at another table and watch Corey and I talk which was very awkward and weird. If there wasn’t so many judgmental comments I would be a lot more comfortable.

What are your plans for the future? Any school?

My girls need me right now.

I just read that you sometimes let Addie choose whether she wants to be with you or Jeremy. Please reconsider giving her a choice. She is a child and shouldn’t be put in a position to choose between her parents. Right now it might seem okay, but it gets more complicated as they get older. It should be up to you and Jeremy alone. Best wishes with everything going forward.

I understand but she’s not in school and she doesn’t get a normal schedule with her daddy where he works away, so I like for her to see him as much as she can whenever she wants !

Are you looking for love again or are you trying to focus on yourself & your girls?

My girls is all I need !!

Are you still in love with Jeremy?

I do love Jeremy, but when you say for better or worse you don’t give up easily on that person! I’m just thankful we do what is best for our daughter and always have her best interest at HEART!

Would you ever reconsider getting married again? And if you do would you set a time frame for dating, engagement, etc?

Not even a thought in my mind. Lol

Leah, I’m so happy and proud of you for how far you have come, ignore all the haters, I support you 100% you’re a great mother! How are the girls? (:

Thank you !! They are doing GREAT!

Teen Mom 2 returns on a special night tonight at 9/8c on MTV with Part One of the Reunion Special with Dr. Drew. Unfortunately, Leah and Chelsea Houska won’t be until Part Two next week, but if you saw the dramatic preview clips for Part One with Jenelle and Kail, then you know you won’t want to miss it!

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