PHOTOS Callie and Carly from Teen Mom Adoption Special with Dr. Drew

Catelynn and Tyler's daughter Carly plays with Ashley Salazar's daughter Callie
^ Catelynn & Tyler’s daughter Carly (L) plays with Ashley Salazar’s daughter Callie

Tomorrow night MTV airs its 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom Adoption Special during which Dr. Drew sits down with Ashley Salazar from 16 and Pregnant and Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra from Teen Mom to discuss their decisions to give their daughters Carly and Callie up for adoption in 2009.

The adoption option often weighs heavy on the minds of the young parents on MTV’s popular docu-series, but Teen Mom couple Catleynn and Tyler and Texas teen Ashley Salazar (along with Lori Wickelhaus from 16 and Pregnant Season 2A)are the only parents to elect to follow through with it. Ashley’s aunt and uncle adopted Callie in the emotional 16 and Pregnant Season 2B finale that included an emotionally distraught Ashley reconsidering her decision and taking Callie back for a brief period before deciding once and for all that adoption was the best thing for her daughter.

Jordan Baker, Dr. Drew, Ashley Salazar and Callie
^ Jordan Baker, Dr. Drew, Ashley Salazar and Callie

Ashley Salazar is now taking college classes in her home state of Texas, in a serious relationship with a new dude (Jordan Baker – in the photo above) and writing a book about her experiences titled Bittersweet Blessing scheduled to be published September 13. (You can read more about the book and Ashley’s new beau HERE.)

16 and Pregnant's Ashley Salazar with Teen Mom Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra
^ 16 & Pregnant‘s Ashley Salazar with Teen Mom‘s Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra

Catelynn and Tyler opted for an open adoption through an agency who located the adoption poster parents in Brandon and Teresa. Their story has been well-documented thanks to being cast in the original Teen Mom on MTV – but even then we don’t get to hear about or see a lot of their daughter Carly. But, they are reunited with their daughter for the special and I would assume that Brandon and Teresa will also participate.

Brandon and Teresa with their adopted daughter Carly, born to Catelynn Lowell of Teen Mom
^ Carly with her adopted parents Brandon and Teresa

The show was taped on May 28, just 10 days after Carly’s 2nd birthday and in a couple interviews promoting the third season of Teen Mom Catelynn has said she is developing her own distinct personality and even picks out her own clothes now!

It should be absolutely fascinating to have Catelynn, Tyler and Ashley together with Dr. Drew on stage talking about their adoptions – it should once again reinforce that giving your child up can be the right choice in some situations, especially when you are talking about parents that are 15, 16 or 17 years old! The special airs at 11/10c,immediately after the second episode Teen Mom Season 3 so be sure to keep those TVs on!

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UPDATE – When I first published this post I forgot to mention that Lori Wickelhaus had also chosen adoption. Thanks to the readers who were quick to point out the omission – and my apologies to Lori!

UPDATE 2 – Here’s the official press release about the Adoption Special from MTV:


New York, NY – July 11, 2011 – MTV takes a closer look inside the stories of Teen Mom’s Catelynn and Tyler, and 16 and Pregnant’s Ashley in the “16 and Pregnant: Adoption Special” airing on Tuesday, July 12 at 11pm ET/PT, immediately following a new episode of “Teen Mom” at 10pm ET/PT. The hour-long special will take an emotional, in-depth look at the realities of adoption through the eyes of these teens, and will explore this complex issue by looking at adoption plans in the U.S.

Catelynn and Tyler have always felt that they have made the right decision for Carly, and in never before seen footage they get a glimpse inside Carly’s life with her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa. While Catelynn and Tyler are confident in their choice, Ashley is still struggling with her decision and is desperately trying to get her child back despite the tension that it is causing with her family. Paige and Catelynn, who met through their adoption counselor Dawn, became friends when they met at a birth mom retreat. The two bonded over their adoption stories and soon became close friends. The special will provide an opportunity for these girls and the families who adopted their children to speak candidly about this life decision.

“Teens have to be smart about protecting themselves because once you’re pregnant, it’s difficult no matter what you decide to do,” said Catelynn of MTV’s Teen Mom. “Tyler and I don’t regret choosing an adoption plan for Carly, we know she has a great life with Brandon and Teresa. If teens are facing an unplanned pregnancy though, it’s important that they know that there are adoptions plans out there that could work for them.”

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