Teen Mom Jenelle Evans hospitalized with ovarian cysts

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans

Early this morning Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans had to go to the emergency room after experiencing severe pains in her abdomen. Here is the frightening message she posted on her Facebook wall this morning around 8am:

heading to the hospital, i think my appendix are about to rupture. ;[ been up since 2am crying.

A friend later revealed to Hollybaby.com that it wasn’t appendicitis after all and that Jenelle had been diagnosed with ovarian cysts:

“She has a cyst on her ovaries,” a source close tells HollyBaby.com exclusively. “She’s getting shots then going home.”

That sounds bad but not horrible. Hang in there Jenelle! The world seems like a less fun place knowing you’re laid up in bed – so get well soon and get back to all that drama-free, drug-free, felony-free, Kieffer-free good livin’ you were enjoying!

UPDATE – Jenelle updated her status on Facebook:

soooo i had an ovarian cyst. :[ they cant even cut it out or anything. they said nothing helps and ill get this pain everytime i have my period and just take pain meds. :/ i feel like i have cancer becuz there is like no cure. ;[

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