Rep: Jenelle tripped resulting in 911 assault call & hospitalization, David makes nice with Jenelle butt pic

The fallout continues in the wake of news breaking yesterday that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason was hospitalized over the weekend after police were dispatched to her house in response to a 911 call classified as “assault.” A rep for Jenelle has since confirmed that the 26-year-old reality star was hospitalized, but claims the injuries were not because of Jenelle’s husband David Eason.

The rep explains to People in a statement that Jenelle “had friends over Saturday night and they had a bonfire on her property. Jenelle ended up tripping and falling by the fire.”

Clearly, this claim that Jenelle tripped by a bonfire doesn’t match up at all with what the Chief of 911 Operations for Columbus County told The Ashley. “It was called in as an assault,” the Chief stated, later adding that “the female was advised proper action…[The officers] advised what legal action she could take.”

That does not sound like an instance where someone tripped and fell.

Unfortunately, we spoke with local police and there was no incident report filed by the responding officers, so we will all have to wait until the 911 call is released for a more detailed account of what happened. I assume there was clear enough information in what was said in the 911 call to have it classified as an “assault” incident. Why would cops even be dispatched if someone who tripped and injured herself?

UPDATE – The 911 call has been released and it is terrifying. Click the link to listen to the audio and read a full transcript.

The Ashley responded on Twitter to the statement by Jenelle’s rep, and she points out that Jenelle doesn’t even have a rep. “That’s sad. It was an assault call. And officers advised her of her legal options to take against David,” The Ashley wrote in response to the statement issued to People. “Also..Jenelle doesn’t currently have a rep. It was likely Jenelle herself who responded to their email.”

As has been the case any major negative story about Jenelle breaks, she has deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts. Her Instagram account is still active, but it looks to be posting only sponsored posts.

Meanwhile, David seemed to be trying to kiss Jenelle’s ass — almost literally — with his idea of an affectionate expression of his love for her on Instagram. That expression came in the form of a photo of Jenelle’s butt and David’s admiration for it — which was so strong he couldn’t hear what Jenelle was saying:

Although David and Jenelle have yet to respond to the incident specifically on social media, the same cannot be said for one of Jenelle’s Teen Mom 2 co-stars, and historically one of David’s most outspoken critics, Dr. Randy Houska:

Jenelle’s 16 and Pregnant Season 2 co-star Nikkole Paulun, who has had some experience with abusive partners, also responded to the story:

I understand that Jenelle has managed to alienate a lot of people — so much so that there is literally an online “hatter” army dedicated to bringing her down. But no matter what your opinion of her is, I hope that you will see this situation as one that does not call for any sort of Jenelle bashing. If you hate her and you receive joy in your life when bad things happen to her, then clearly you have reason to be happy. Please, just enjoy your schadenfreude quietly. She is in a horrible situation and needs help and encouragement at this point. She needs out of this situation. Yes, it’s her fault that she is in it, and her fault that she remains in it — but this looks to be a classic abuse situation in which the isolation tactics of an abuser have escalated to an extremely dangerous level. And let’s not forget that there are children involved here as well.

Honestly, I am extremely concerned for Jenelle in the wake of this story breaking. I know she has burned a lot of bridges in her personal life, but I hope she has some sort of lifeline still available — if not to help her get out immediately, then at least just another adult to talk to. Thankfully, she has a team of MTV producers that regularly get her off The Land and away from David, so perhaps that will give her some sort of outside interaction and perspective. That being said, if we hear that Jenelle has stopped filming, then my concern levels will go through the roof.

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