VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E4 After Show and bonus footage

Hump day everybody so that means it’s time for another break down of the Teen Mom After Show and bonus footage. Last week’s after show revealed an emotional Farrah discussing how alone she has felt and how difficult it’s been to adjust since the loss of Derek Underwood.

As always here’s the full After Show in which Farrah, Maci and Catelynn (Amber was not in attendance due to her participation in rehab) discuss the most recent episode and current life situations with host SuChin Pak along with a small live audience of young mothers:


Pak begins Farrah off with her budding relationship with Derek’s father and step-mother. Farrah felt like she had to catch up with Sophia’s other side of the family and that there was a lot going on between them. She was pleasantly surprised to get unconditional support from them as opposed to the situation with Derek’s mom Stormie Clark. Short and sweet update for Abraham this week!


Maci opens up discussing her difficulties with school and how emotional issues are the primary road block in her following through with her plans for her education. She says that school came after Bentley’s needs and her establishing a relationship with Kyle. Of course there’s the situation with Kyle quitting his job and following Maci back to Chattanooga. Maci is sure that they wouldn’t have worked if Kyle hadn’t followed her, it wasn’t an option. She was surprised by the commitment from Kyle and wasn’t quite prepared but felt it was the best thing for all of them.


They launch into Butch’s agreement to go to counseling and how good it made Catelynn feel and how Catelynn’s mom eventually agreed to counseling. She feels that for the first time her mom was actually kind of hearing her. She still knows her mom has much more to prove and she reveals that she hasn’t returned to counseling since then and that it’s her decision. She fears what might come up with further counseling involving her mom and how much it could emotionally effect her. Catelynn suggests that sometimes she’s simply given up on her mother improving but the difference now is that she stands up for herself and accepts her mother for who she is.

In the bonus clip this week we see Maci and her friend and neighbor Shanita discussing her move while Maci packs the last of her things: