REPORT Courtland Rogers on the run after heroin binge, bolting on probation officer

Corutland Rogers wanted poster

Things have apparently really broken bad for Jenelle Evans’ estranged husband Courtland Rogers. After admitting publicly yesterday that he relapsed and used heroin again after six months of sobriety, it was revealed by Radar Online that he had tried to sell them a video of himself shooting up.

Yesterday Courtland seemed unsure of his fate, thinking perhaps her might be able to get the drugs out of his system before his next drug test. But, according to a new report from The Real Teen Mom Talk, Courtland’s luck ran out. The site spoke with Courtland and he tells them that he went on a heroin binge that lasted either four or five days and was called into his probation officer’s office earlier this week. From The Real Teen Mom Talk:

Courtland says that at the point his probation officer asked for a urine sample he asked to get a drink of water in the hall and bolted from the office instead.

One of Courtland’s most recent tweets from today seems to back up the story as he wrote, “They are gonna send me to prison …… I wish I could go to rehab so bad but they aren’t gonna let me NC has a f***ed up system.”

Being on the lam from the police is nothing new for Courtland. If you remember, he went on a two-week, multiple-state evasive joy ride back in late February and early March after four warrants were issued for his arrest stemming from assault charges filed against him by Jenelle.

It is unclear if there have been warrants issued for Courtland’s arrest yet.

UPDATE – Courtland has returned to Twitter to express his frustration at his relapse and his anger at Jenelle and Radar Online:

It is what it is ….call me what u want but always kno i tried my damnest sh!ts hard as f*** man

your dumb jenelle I relapsed yea one time I am sober now but unfortunately probation smh

@PBandJenelley_1 u make it look like I’m strung out or a junkie..I’m a good f***ing dude jenelle and u know that ok 🙁 I f***ed up one time

And f*** u radar online fuxk u and your old ass fake ass stories y’all are bout to get sued like a mother f***er lol good luck u dumbass

Courtland then issued an apology to his girlfriend Samantha:

@MissSamanthaLin I miss u so much already 🙁 this sh!t is real as f*** u were the best f***ing friend I have ever had I’m sorry for this

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