Is MTV’s Are You The One? coming back? Paramount+ announces Global Edition

If you’ve been wondering what happened to Are You The One? you aren’t alone. I binged every single season once I discovered it and AYTO? quickly became one of my favorites.

The MTV reality dating competition series ran for 8 seasons in the United States. The franchise also launched spinoffs in the United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. Sadly there’s been a big lapse since season 8, which premiered back in June 2019.

Granted, COVID probably halted the whole “large-group-living-together” thing, but there hasn’t been much news about its continuation until now.

AYTO Moving Networks

Earlier this year, Paramount+ announced a slate of unscripted series, including additional seasons of MTV reality shows The Challenge: All Stars and The Real World Homecoming. Excitingly, plans for Are You The One? were also mentioned.

The series, which awards its contestants 1 million dollars for figuring out every perfect match, is set to kick off production this year. With this host of MTV shows moving to the app, it will be interesting to see what all gets rebooted and when.

Season 9 Going Global

Season 8 of AYTO gave us the first sexually fluid season where couples were “perfectly” matched up regardless of gender. While it’s unsure if they will continue with that format, what we do know about season 9 is that it’s planning on being revolutionary in its own way.

Season 9 will follow the same format as the MTV version, with 22 singles making up 11 perfect matches. The twist Paramount+ is bringing us is that the men and women will hail from across the world, living together under one roof at an international location. They’re calling it the “Global Edition” and there are sure to be matches that cross cultures and ethnicities.

Are You The One? Success Story

Most couples matched up on the show don’t end up going the distance. But there is hope for the next wave of contestants because one of the original couples from season 1 is still together and their cute little family is happier than ever.

Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond found out they were a “perfect match” in 2013 and got engaged during the reunion special which aired in March of 2014. They’ve since gotten married and welcomed daughters Scarlett and Serena. Their love story is enough to keep future contestants of AYTO hopeful, the same algorithm used for Ethan and Amber is the one the matchmakers still use now!

Are You the One? and its global counterparts hail from MTV Entertainment Studios. You can catch up on prior seasons on Paramount+ now.

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