Florida woman assaulted trailer park owner with Ramen noodles after being told to not pick head lice by pool

Alicia Popper

This is one of those Florida stories where I don’t even need to fill in the blanks after the lead in – but I guess I will any old how!

25-year-old Alicia Popper was charged with battery Sunday in Bradenton, Florida after she allegedly chucked a bowl of Ramen noodles and a fork at another woman.

According to a report obtained by the Bradenton Herald, Popper was enjoying the comfort of the pool located at the trailer park owned by the victim. The argument between the two women started when the trailer park owner reminded Popper not to leave her kids unattended, not to pick head lice while relaxing poolside and to not eat at the pool.

The two started a verbal altercation that escalated when Popper fired off her bowl of Ramen noodles and fork at the victim hitting her in the arm and neck.

Popper was released from jail Monday on a $500 bond.

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