VIDEO Are Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith getting married soon?

Jenelle Evans - Nathan Griffith - Engagement and Marriage

In just three weeks, North Carolina law will finally allow Jenelle Evans to divorce her long-estranged, regularly jailed husband, Courtland Rogers. But, as we all know, the Teen Mom 2 star hasn’t been twiddling her thumbs since splitting from Courtland in April 2013: She’s found love with Nathan Griffith and is preparing for the birth of baby Kaiser.

So, will Jenelle celebrate her divorce with an engagement? Maybe!

“We’re not engaged yet or anything, but soon we might be,” Jenelle told MTV in a new interview, which was filmed last winter. “We don’t want to make the wrong decision, and at the same time, we don’t want to give the image out that ‘Jenelle’s still married and now she’s engaged.'”

Nathan explained they also want to smooth out some kinks in their relationship before taking the big leap into matrimony.

“We want everything to be perfect,” Nathan said while facing Jenelle. “So when I do ask you to marry me there’s no second thought, or your saying yes just because of the ring… You actually want to be with me for the rest of your life.”

Even though Jenelle isn’t sure when Nathan will pop the question, they are talking about a summer wedding… Shortly after Jenelle is due to give birth in late May.

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