SOUTHERN CHARM Who is Taylor Ann Green?

Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to a rumor she hooked up with Austen Kroll following her break up with Shep Rose.

Read more to find out what we know about Green, and see some sizzling snapshots below…

Taylor Ann Green

Taylor Ann Green, 28, is the star of Southern Charm, a Bravo reality television series that follows affluent friends in Charleston, South Carolina.

OG cast members include Whitney Sudler-Smith, Craig Conover and Shep Rose, as well as newcomers Austen Kroll and Madison LeCroy.

Green is a former orthodontics assistant who is now trying to break into the world of sales via a gig with an alcohol brand called Day Chaser.

She was born in Asheville, North Carolina and grew up with her parents and two siblings. 

In an episode from season 9, Taylor explains why she uprooted her life and who she thinks is to blame:

Last year, I was working as an orthodontic assistant. I loved my job, but I gave everything up to travel with Shep. At the time, I thoguht that it was the right decision because I thought that we were getting married, settling down, having kids; but instead I was just out of a job without something else lined up. So, Shep, thanks for that.

Taylor Ann Green has a bachelor’s in business administration, hospitality, and tourism management from Appalachian State University.

Taylor and Shep

Taylor Ann Green was introduced in Southern Charm season 7 due to the fact that she was dating Shep Rose, 43. The pair met and got serious right away, something out of the ordinary for Rose – a known playboy.

While they had to keep their romance under wraps due to filming, Green confirmed they were dating in March 2020 on her Instagram.

2 years later the pair decided to give up their lives in the states to travel all of Europe on a once in a lifetime adventure. It was during this time that Green quit her job.

Though it did look like this couple was meant to be, the two ultimately broke up due to Shep cheating multiple times.

Taylor and Austen

A main storyline of Southern Charm season 9 so far is that Taylor Ann Green is rumored to allegedly have hooked up with Austen Kroll, 36, following her split from Shep Rose.

At first Shep seemed okay with this accusation, but the more he finds out about the details the angrier it is making him.

SOUTHERN CHARM Season 9 explosive preview – did Austen sleep with Shep’s gf?

Shep admits that Taylor and Austen had a very close bond during their 2 year relationship, but didn’t know that they were “having sleepovers.”

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