SOUTHERN CHARM Shep Rose outs himself as a stoner

Shep Rose of Southern Charm promotes a marijuana company on Instagram saying THC is perfect for a hangover.

Read more about the product approved by Shep below…

Southern Charm

Southern Charm is a Bravo reality show that has aired since 2013. The series follows an affluent adult friend group in Charleston, South Carolina consisting of Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Whitney Sudler-Smith, Shep Rose and others.

IMDb describes the Bravo series as:

 Members of the notoriously closed society unlock the gates of their centuries-old homes for a real-life look at how modern-day Southern aristocracy lives. Viewers get a peek at a social scene which is bound by tradition and ostentation unlike any other culture in America, through a group of the city’s most charismatic gentlemen and their Southern-belle equals.

Shep Rose

William Shepherd Rose III, aka Shep Rose, is an OG star of Southern Charm, featuring his life on the series since the beginning of season 1. 

Known for his Peter Pan syndrome, Rose is a Charleston playboy who still has no intentions of settling down.

The 42 year old has had one serious girlfriend, Taylor Ann Green, a storyline currently playing out on season 9 of the series.

Natures Highway CBD

Shep Rose from Southern Charm promoted an interesting product on Instagram recently. Posting the below graphic of him clutching marijuana buds to his story, Rose told people to stock up on a product line called Natures Highway.

While the company sells items made with (widely-legal) CBD, it is interesting to note that Shep is suggesting people order the gummies with THC.

Delta-9 THC produces the most intense high, or feeling of intoxication. A code is provided for a discount.

Rose believes these products are great for “Football Saturday,” a hang over Sunday or even just to go to bed when you’re suffering from the “Sunday scaries.”

Now we know the secret on how he stays so calm when he finds out his friend and his ex girlfriend had a co-ed sleepover!

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