EXCLUSIVE Life After Lockup preview: Lindsey facing 30 years?!

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Life After Lockup star Lindsey Downs has stated on the show that she currently has warrants out for her arrest. As she revealed to us in an exclusive prison interview last year, she is still facing charges for gun and meth possession after police found both in the glove box of the car she was driving.

Lindsey has a history of trying to run from the law (actually, a history of trying to drive away from the law at 140 miles per hour), but the 29-year-old mom is trying to change her ways and own up to her mistakes. To that end, she and her really close friend Blaine are visiting a local attorney to see what her options are.

In an exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode of Life After Lockup, Lindsey and Blaine visit with attorney Tyler L. Moss of Moss Law Firm, PLLC. Tyler does not sugar coat the situation (AT ALL!) and Lindsey is left quite shocked when she finds out just how much trouble she may be in.

Lindsey begins her conversation with Tyler by pointing out that she has been indicted on the gun and drug charges from 2020, which she understands to mean that she has warrants out for her arrest.
“I do believe that is correct,” Tyler says. “With an indictment comes a capious warrant that has to be served on you.”
“So I could be arrested right now if I get pulled over?” Lindsey asks.
Tyler doesn’t even pause before replying. “Oh yeah, there’s no question. If you’re pulled over you’re gonna run the risk of having to face the music on that.” Then Tyler explains Lindsey’s other option. “Or, you can turn yourself in and plead not guilty, and then bond out.”

Lindsey lets that sink in for a second before asking a VERY important question. “What kind of time am I looking at for these charges?”

“You’re looking at 30 years,” Tyler says. He lets the bad news sink in for a moment before moving on to the good news. “BUT, those charges only have to be served at 25 percent.”
Lindsey leans over to Blaine and whispers, “What’s 25 percent of 30 years?”
Tyler whips out a calculator and does some overly complicated calculations before coming up with 7.5 years.

That number seems to hit Lindsey pretty hard. “I would much love to stay out here with my daughter and be a productive citizen,” she says in a confessional. “I’ve created a life out here for myself and I’m just trying to do the right thing.”

The scene cuts back to the lawyer’s office as Lindsey summarizes her defense. “If I want to be able to go in front of a judge I’m thinking I have therapy here in Corinth, addiction classes twice a week. I have a job, and I have a twelve year old. I’ve missed six years — literally I’ve missed half her life. I’m done. I’m just trying to be home with my kid.”

Tyler then proves that he is the exact right attorney for Lindsey (and for reality TV) when pulls absolutely zero punches in his response to Lindsey’s self defense. “Look, I’m not being a smart ass to you, but you suck at this. You need to keep a low profile. That means: do not get into any situation where you’re going to be pulled over, there’s a domestic violation that the police get called — because you are going to get popped and it’s not going to be good when it happens.”

Will Lindsey be able to finally change her ways and remain on the straight and narrow for her daughter and for Daonte? (And for Blaine?) Will she even tell Daonte that she may be facing up to seven and a half more years behind bars? To find out, keep tuning in for new episodes of Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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