SISTER WIVES Mykelti and Tony Padron laugh at Kody Brown adding a new wife

Christine Brown’s daughter Mykelti and her husband Tony Padron love spilling the Sister Wives tea on social media.

This is why they laughed at the idea of Kody and Robyn Brown ever adding a new wife… and give a shocking update on the family’s strict religion in the process.

Mykelti and Tony Padron

Mykelti Brown Padron met her husband Tony in 2015. Though the Sister Wives adults weren’t thrilled about their partnership, the two of them seem to be thick as thieves… especially when it comes to gossip.

The Padron’s have a Patreon, the social media service where people can subscribe to get insider content, and every time they record for the app… something shocking happens to come out.

Everyone is always asking whether or not Mykelti’s dad, Kody Brown, is looking for a new wife. The couple’s answer, and WHY they believe it, is pretty darn wild.

Kody Brown’s wives

When Sister Wives premiered in 2010 Kody Brown had three wives and was on his way to adding a fourth. Marrying Robyn Sullivan in season one had a devastating impact on the family literally no one saw coming.

Kody has essentially lost all 3 original wives over the course of Sister Wives run. Mykelti’s mom, Christine Brown, aka “wife number 3,” is currently engaged to David Woolley, who she calls the “love of her life.”

Meri didn’t want to leave the family, but after finding out at the reunion that Kody didn’t think of himself as married to her any more, the pair seem to be drifting apart.

Janelle hasn’t officially made a statement about leaving Kody, but all the rumors and signs point to the fact that she has also distanced herself from the group.

Currently, Robyn seems to be functioning as Kody Brown’s only remaining wife.

Will Kody and Robyn add a new wife

Fans are ALWAYS wondering if Kody will add a 5th wife (or would it be a new 2nd wife?) and Mykelti and Tony Padron did not hold back their feelings when the question popped up on their Patreon.

Laughing at the question, the partners are in agreement that there will likely NEVER be another “sister wife.”


None of them are believers anymore? …wow #sisterwives

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Tony can be heard saying, between giggles:

I doubt it, heavily. — like, super doubt it — like I’m pretty 100% sure that’s a no.

Mykelti goes on to explain more about why, dropping this bomb about the Brown’s religious status at the same time:

Part of that is because my dad and my moms aren’t really part of the religion anymore either, the religion we grew up with, the Apostolic United Brethren where the polygamy base of faith and Mormonism kind of came from. They’re not active in the church and they’re not active in that religion or their beliefs in that church.

We wont really know whether or not Kody Brown has plans to add a new wife until the new season of Sister Wives premieres… but rumor has it they’re filming scenes for it right now.

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