SISTER WIVES Mykelti Brown eats placenta; makes controversial claims about Postpartum depression

There’s a lot of news in the Sister Wives world currently, but this story may be one of the more… odd ones.

Christine’s daughter Mykelti (Brown) Padron is making bold claims about what she thinks causes Postpardum depression, including losing your “happy juice” – something the Sister Wives daughter believes can be returned to the body through the eating of freeze-dried placenta.

Mykelti and Tony Padron

Mykelti Brown is a star of TLC’s Sister Wives, most notably featured while courting and marrying her now-husband Tony Padron.

Fans were split on Tony, and it seemed like even some of the Sister Wives mom’s were too. In video from an old episode, Meri describes the “tone in the room” when Mykelti announces her engagement:


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Despite the skepticism, Mykelti and Tony are still going strong… they are parents to 2 year old Avalon, and brand new twin boys born November 2022.


Mykelti’s controversial claims

Now that she’s a mother of three, Mykelti Brown has a lot of opinions on pregnancy, and how best to handle things after.

In a recent video captured by TikTok user @ToxCiCiTea Padron goes on a tangent about Postpartum depression and what she thinks may cause it.


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In the video, Padron shockingly explains

A lot of postpartum depression can come from… not getting as much attention as you were getting before your kids were here

After mentioning that her mom Christine Brown, as well as fellow Sister Wives star Robyn Brown both suffered Postpardom depression, one has to question what she was thinking to make this comment. Is it shade towards Kody?

Sister Wives star eats her placenta

Mykelti doubled down with the controversy by claiming if you don’t eat your placenta, you may get depressed. The rationale? Losing something she refers to as “happy juice.”

If you don’t put your placenta back into your body…you’re gonna get some postpartum depression. All of the nutrients that someone’s body is growing and creating throughout their whole pregnancy is in their placenta. When you give birth you lose all of that… happy juice… I’m a huge advocate of drying out your placenta and putting it in a capsule format [to consume.]

While we don’t endorse any of her claims, we do hope Mykelti Brown continues to experience good health in any of her future pregnancies.

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