SISTER WIVES Is Mykelti Brown’s husband Tony Padron okay? Alarming photo circulates

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Is Tony Padron from the TLC reality show Sister Wives okay? Fans are speculating about Mykelti Brown’s husband as an alarming photo circulates Reddit.

See the “bloodshot” photo below and read what his harshest critics are assuming it means…

Is Tony Padron from Sister Wives okay?

Sister Wives has ran for 14 years, spanning 18 seasons. During which we have been introduced to the Browns, a supersized (formerly) polygamist family currently based in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Fans of the TLC reality series Sister Wives are questioning whether Kody and Christine’s daughter Mykelti Brown has an issue on her hands with husband Tony Padron. Reddit user posted the following photo and went off about Padron’s appearance, even going as far as to speculate that he “is giving addict.”

Is Tony…okay??
byu/funnynunsrun inSisterWivesFans

Along with the photo was this rant:

Is Tony…okay?? …because what is going on?? Blotchy skin, bloodshot eyes, empty gaze, frizzy hair…he knew he was filming so obviously an overall dgaf attitude of his appearance.

He looks drastically different than when he was first introduced a few years back…I get people age but hmmm…

I did wonder if this was filmed after the twins were born and maybe he’s just severely sleep deprived but I don’t know because Mykelti looked radiant and this looks like more than sleep deprivation.

So I’m just gonna say it…his appearance is giving addict. Am I tripping or does anyone know anything more or different?

Harsh! While we can’t confirm or deny any of the accusations, the unbiased comments section was quick to pile onto the Sister Wives star, including user who said:

Tony has never been ok. Is it drugs proper or just ungodly amounts of mountain dew and doritos paired with too much screen time and not enough sunshine? The world may never know.

More concerning comments:

byu/funnynunsrun from discussion

byu/funnynunsrun from discussion

Tony Padron update

While nosey Redditors may be assuming the worst, Tony Padron seems to be putting his best foot forward on Instagram. His most recent posts appear to show the reality star thriving, having lost weight along with his wife Mykelti Brown due in part to the controversial ‘pink drink’ from the MLM ‘Plexus.’

As you can see from his pics, he may not be the frazzled mess the Reddit comment section would have you believe:

What do you think? Is Tony Padron healthy and thriving or running himself ragged off Doritos and Mountain Dew? Tweet us on Twitter/X

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