SISTER WIVES Meri Brown defends LuLaRoe after LuLaRich docuseries release

Sister Wives Meri Brown supports LuLaRoe after Amazon LuLaRich docuseries release

In the wake of the release of Amazon’s highly critical LuLaRich docuseries, MLM fashion brand LuLaRoe has once again been thrust into the spotlight — and not in a good way. Despite the renewed backlash against LuLaRoe’s business model and alleged manipulative practices, Sister Wives star Meri Brown is doubling down in defense of the company and her decision to be a LuLaRoe retailer.

Meri shared a photo of herself in a striped LuLaRoe sweater on Instagram and she penned a lengthy statement expressing how she has no regrets about becoming involved with LuLaRoe. She goes so far as to wish she had started sooner.

Meri also reveals that she she met LuLaRoe co-founder DeAnne Stidham prior to the formation of LuLaRoe. Meri doesn’t provide any additional details, but DeAnne is a Mormon from Utah, so it’s not difficult to imagine that they crossed paths years ago.

Here is Meri’s photo followed by her statement:

Five years into my journey with @LuLaRoe and I couldn’t be happier. Five years of finding my happiness, serving others, making amazing friends across the country, and yes, even outside of the US. I often ask myself why I didn’t get involved with the company sooner, you see, I had actually met @deannelularoe prior to the company even existing. But then I remind myself, there’s a reason for timing. There’s a reason things happen the way they do. I know in my heart that the timing for me to find LuLaRoe and get involved at the time I did was right for me, for my well-being, for my healing. And that’s what these past five years have done for me. Helped me heal, helped me find peace and joy, helped me discover the ME I have always been, and who I, at times, was hiding from and running from.

It feels good to be at peace, to know that my happiness only comes from within, and that whatever external forces are trying to bring me down, well, they can just keep trying.

I’m loud and proud LuLaRoe. I’m grateful to have a company like this to be involved with, a company flooded with women and men who lift each other up, a company that wants to see me succeed, a company whose owners pray for each one of us daily, a company of integrity. I’m not going anywhere, LuLaRoe isn’t going anywhere, we’re here for the long haul, and happy about it! 😁 πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

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Meri Brown answers questions about LuLaRoe and LuLaRich

In the comments section of her post, Meri replies to numerous questions and comments from her followers — including ones about the LuLaRich docuseries. Here is a collection of those interactions:
COMMENT: What’s your thoughts on the LuLaRich documentary?
MERI: Haven’t watched it but know the background. Everyone has their own stories and opinions. I know the owners and have nothing but the utmost respect for them. I also understand how media will use only parts of a situation to tell the story they want told rather than the actual truth.

COMMENT: So positive that’s the way to go.❀️
MERI: Right? No reason to dwell on the negative!

COMMENT: I thought they went out of business?
MERI: Nope! Here to stay!

COMMENT: I watched that documentary and all it made me think was the company grew too fast. It was a bunch of growing pains.
MERI: Such is life, right? Growing pains that make us better! πŸ˜πŸ’™
COMMENT: Growing pains? People lost their houses and life savings for promises not kept. Growing pains would have been them making it right and then onward and upward.

COMMENT: πŸ‘ I would work for this company just for the simple fact that they would be praying for me every day. Praise GodπŸ™βœοΈ

COMMENT: What would you tell someone who wanted to open a boutique and sell LLR but were hesitant because of the documentary?
MERI: If that someone is you, I’d say shoot me a PM and let’s chat! 😁

COMMENT: You are amazing, @therealmeribrown!! This is exactly what I needed to read today – positive is the way to go and you are that light today! Thank you ❀️
MERI: Aww thank you! You got this!!

COMMENT: Meri, How do I find a LuLuRoe person by me?
MERI: Send me a PM! Also, we ship everywhere in the US!

COMMENT: Is it pyramid scheme?
MERI: No, pyramid schemes don’t exchange product and have large warehouses. This gives people the chance to have LuLaRoe basically as our vendor to provide clothes to our personal boutique shops, like any other clothing store. 😁

COMMENT: @therealmeribrown thanks so much for explainingπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Everything online said it was a pyramid scheme so I was very confused.
MERI: Yes definitely do research and be open to speaking to someone who knows the whole truth of situations. It’s always best to have all the correct info when starting out with business.

COMMENT: It’s a pyramid scheme one thing I have always admired about you is your honesty.
MERI: Expect [sic] that pyramid schemes don’t have inventory that is sold, so there’s the difference. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

COMMENT: The documentary miniseries of Lularoe on Prime Video is certainly controversial especially seeing how happy you and your sister wives are with this business….what are your thoughts on it??
MERI: But really, isn’t everything controversial anymore? I like to interact with people who lift each other up! 😁

COMMENT: πŸ‘I was interested in Lularoe and then the docuseries made me question and hesitant. I was just curious about your thoughts and experiences. My comment wasn’t meant to insult, sorry if it came across as such.
MERI: No ma’am, not offensive. Let’s chat if you have more questions!

COMMENT: @commenter the way an MLM works is the more people you get to join under you, the more money you make. Think of all the people she has under her simply because she has been on tv. She’s never going to tell someone not to join or think about it. If she did that she would lose out on money. If you just do a little research on LuLaRoe, you will see most people don’t make money on this. The majority make well under $5,000 a year. The sad part is a lot of the things they talk about in LuLaRich are still happening. People losing tons of money. Lots of merch is at thrift stores like goodwill. They are still getting defective products to sell and a big thing are wet leggings right now. I wasn’t satisfied just taking the word of people in the docuseries so I did some digging myself. Before you jump on board with this or any other MLM do some big time research!
MERI: LuLaRoe is probably one of the only companies that you can make a good income on your sales alone. That’s why we retailers are boutique owners. Yes every direct sales company has the opportunity to have other people sign up and start their own business. True entrepreneurship at play! Love having my own businesses!

COMMENT: What are your thoughts on the documentary @therealmeribrown?
MERI: Never watched it. Too busy living my life 😁

COMMENT: So how many people do you have below you?? Hmmmm
MERI: I sell clothes. Also I don’t think anyone is below me or that I’m above anyone else. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

COMMENT: How do you get into this
MERI: Do you mean to purchase or to start your biz? Send me a PM!

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